10 Weird Things Entrepreneurs Pretend are *Totally* Normal

Gabrielle Garrett
June 7, 2020
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Entreprenuers are truly a strange breed. I had no clue what one even was until I became one, in fact, I have to google how to spell entrepreneur almost everyday.

We run our worlds online and most of our work BFFs we've never met, but always pretend we are going to meet at the next conference. When it does happen, it's SO fun. Until we realize we are super introverted and want to run home as fast as possible.

There are a few things I've only seen in this world and I'd like to call you sense of humor up front as you scan my list, plz thanks:

Utilizing your Enneagram, Human Design or Astrology as a reason to or not to do something

I can't work with her because she's a projector. She'll be so slow, and I'm an enneagram 7, so that couldn't work; plus Mercury is about to go retrograde.

Hiring a Coach because you don't know what to do without a boss, or because it seems necessary

I have a coach, I am a coach, I love coaches, but you know it's true.

She's going to get me to 7 figures and it only costs 7 figures to work with her!

Hiring another Coach to stay balanced

This is my mindfulness coach.

Stalking writers in magazines you've never even read because your competitor was just published

No, I don't know what Forbes its about; but Gabi if you don't get me in I swear to God.

Having a team bigger than Beyonces

I have a copywriter, a publicist, a financial person, an accountant, a yoga teacher, a health coach. Who am I? Who am I NOT?

Working non-stop but also bathing at 2pm

I can't hear you, Bill, my bubbles are too loud!

Paying for insane food delivery instead of getting some human interaction

Postable, DoorDash, Vegan Food, we love them all! We are busy, dude.

Having literally all the platforms

Slack me, VOX me, What's app me - I'm flexible. But don't e-mail me.

10 Weird Things Entrepreneurs Pretend are *Totally* Normal - Gabi Garrett

Not knowing what to say at regular human parties....

So, do you guys like click funnels?

Utilizing your Brand as a reason to buy wine

Maybe this is just me. But, it's part of my brand culture to be a little tipsy after 5pm.


Which one was your fave? What'd I miss? Leave me a comment below!


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One comment on “10 Weird Things Entrepreneurs Pretend are *Totally* Normal”

  1. The one about Wine for branding e and good delivery are me all the way! On a Pinterest tutorial I said my target market likes brunch...code for mimosas! 🤣

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