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21 Badass Things I Did in 2021 (And, how to replicate the efforts based on my lessons.)

Gabrielle Garrett
December 8, 2021
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Since 2021 was the year of the listicle for me, I thought what better way to reflect on 2021 than with my readers in the same format?

My intention for this is for my own brain to realize what has transpired in the past 11.5 months, to inspire you to do the same and to share what I've learned along the way. Often, as achievers, we never reflect on our accomplishments, so let's do that together.

Here are my 21 things, I hope they inspire, impact and accelerate your 2022:

  1. I Sold My Business: This one goes first because it was a huge part of the year. I made the decision the business had grown to the point of explosion when we reached almost 6 figures of revenue per month but didn't have the flow to cover expenses, team and were at our wits end with client management and work. What I learned the hard way that you can steal from me is to grow slow if you can and truly understand how much your business costs to run and the most effective way to deliver work. Don't make your biz your name unless it's you who is delivering the projects, or you'll get 50 angry humans at your door with a pitchfork like me. Also, it's JUST business - I thought I was a f*cking loser for not having payroll. Then I realized almost every business owner has failed and feels this way all the time. I stayed alone and in victim mode. Don't do that! If I could go back these words would have saved me, "Hey guys, it's over." 😉
  2. I Scaled My Business: What I did well was scale a model to be able to produce 50 books at a time. I grew a team of 11, highly engaged humans who had never met during a pandemic! It was natural for me. GG Media grew by a minimum of $5,000 per month continuously for almost 3 years. RIP.
  3. I Said Bye to My BFF, Eggo: Most of you know my dog showed up on my porch when I was about 26. She passed away a few months ago. I still think she'll be here when I get home sometimes. That was truly a deep challenge. What I learned was to let the furry ones go quick rather than slow. We drug out the process with deep surgeries and ... it was just awful. I miss you, Bears.
  4. I Spoke to LeadHERShip Global, Rise Up For You, FemPeak & More: I spoke about 15-20 times this year. I became a natural on webinars, they use to make me want to throw up and talk real fast. You'll get better. Go get 'em. Oh, and always, always have an offer! Free opt in, $200 course, something easy.
  5. I Was on the Female Lead TikTok, next to Barrack Obama! How cool is that?! But, I counted view counts all day instead of enjoying it. Let, it, be.
  6. I Interviewed & Met the Founders of APL: Meeting Adam & Ryan was so energizing. I felt like part of history and being in LA was even cooler. I'm grateful Entrepreneur allowed me to meet and become peers with such incredible people. That was such a defining moment for my writing.
  7. I Restructured my Relationship with Money, whew, I must have taken like 1,000 courses to do this, guys. Finally, I allowed myself to graduate from life coach phase and move on, but I am grateful for all the teachers that helped me. I truly recommend this, because if you don't look at Money, you'll be broke at 85k and broke at $8.50, the principles are the same, the amount of money doesn't help if the foundation is F-ed.
  8. I Changed my Need to People Please, This was huge. I don't do things because other people would like me more if I did them anymore.
  9. I Reprogrammed my Brain - throwing this one in here with a few tips. Before bed ask your subconscious to do something for you, ie "show me my best work flow" and eventually your subconscious will reorganize. Also, try EFT Tapping, reiki videos or practitioner, yoga and unplugging, journaling... hit me up for this, I have all the tips!
  10. I made friends! (We made friends) Chris and I have like 8 friends, guys. Took us a few years but I'm super excited for the community we have in Alabama now. When I let go of my business, they all slowly drifted in. I made space. Make some space.
  11. I quit sabotaging, and at least brought the sabatoger to the surface, when you heal some of your worthiness, you stop feeling unworthy and trying to destroy. Go GG go.
  12. I Met the Man who Makes the "Vagina Candle", had to add Douglas Little, founder of Heretic, here. Always incredible to interview founders, but this one stook out. He's a magician and GOOPy Gwen's BFF.
  13. I Interviewed over 75 Founders and Wrote More than 10 Articles for This was a really amazing year for content, learning content, expanding my network and giving back with my words. Thank you, Entrepreneur!
  14. I started writing for Forbes, such a dream of mine. My tip for dreams is, don't chase them, intend them and they'll find you.
  15. I went back out on my Own + Decided to Get a Job, wheeeeeewww this was the hardest one of all... well, not harder than Eggo bear leaving, but damn. Finding new clients and working through my fears post business. It was real. Here I am, and 2022's Full-time Job is around the corner.
  16. I traveled to Arizona & Spoke on stage along side Sharon Lechter and went to her house for dinner, this was a cool manifestation story, because once Sharon's "Think and Grow Rich for Women" book flew off a shelf for me, and 2 years later, I was sitting in her living room. Life is wild!
  17. I fired almost 55 clients and let go of my team of 11. It was in the end, better to pay back unfinished contracts than to sit there in a toxic environment. There is ALWAYS a way out. You are allowed to f*ck up (once). Learn, forgive yourself and move the hell on.
  18. I traded my Jeep in for a golf cart. This was a moment. I live in the woods and I wasn't driving anywhere but always beating myself up for not driving. I just decided to own it for a minute. Chris bought me an epic red golf cart. It was a cool shift.
  19. I stayed at the Beverly Hills Hotel, sat next to Kris Kardashian's Boo, and enjoyed $45 dollar glasses of wine with the best of them.
  20. I turned 30! Just sayin'.
  21. I decided 2022 was going to be a year full of true, true, magic and latched on to the idea anything really is possible. I've got 30 years of evidence. I hope I've inspired you some so far.


That's all. If you want to buy my year end bundle which most was recorded during this magical 2021, here is the link - you'll get immediate access to learn how I did 1-21 (I can't make you friends, tho.)

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