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3 Ways to Implement the Magic of Structure

Gabrielle Garrett
April 25, 2022
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I'd like you to take a moment to feel what it would feel like to feel, spacious during work.

I like to write that word like this to train my brain to feel what it would feel like to have space while I'm doing my life's work:

spa acious

Literally, a space in-between activities.

When you tap into that feeling, what resistance comes up?

Commonly, I'll hear the following:

  • There's too much to do to have space in my day
  • When I'm not doing work chores, I'm doing mom chores, house chores... there's always something to do
  • If I relax, I feel like something bad is going to happen
  • I need to progress forward in life I can't just relax or I'll never get where I want to go

What's yours? Is it one of those or something new?

What if I kind of rudely told you it was your fault? Rut Roh. But I'm truly only speaking from my own experience, as someone who had every one of those excuses x 20 to stay overly booked and overly stimulated 24/7.

The reason I rudely say it's on you is because, your nervous system is trained to stay over stimulated to produce hormones you are addicted to. Probably you're like me and you grew up in chaos so you feel comfy in chaos. So you recreate chaos so you can 1) feel safe 2) make other people happy 3) never truly 'grow up'.

There are a lot of adults who are secretly little scared kids. And, that can be eliminated by taking a hard look into who we are and changing some things. If you're about to X out of my website and my life: breathe in, breathe out. I don't think it's really your fault! Your life has been hard and you're working truly truly hard to make things better. I know you are.

But, we're about to make your life easy. Once we do, all sorts of resistance will come up. This is a good thing. When you feel the uncomfy feels... we can remove the uncomfy feelings from your vibration and not attract them anymore.

For example, if you stop checking e-mail 20 times a day and you feel like the world is exploding - this is good news, we now know you think e-mail is saving your world and you are using it to control. Great. That's easily remedied - saying it outloud even makes it seem ridiculous enough to leave your body, right?

So, before I teach you 3 ways to create sp ace, can you do me a favor and write down all the reasons you think this process can't work for you? Thank you. Now we know what to clear.

Mantra: When I know what to clear, I have nothing to fear.

Way Number One to Create Space:

Decide on a rhythm for your week.

Assign days to activities.

For example:

Monday's - I outline my Money for the week, send my newsletter and work on Client 1+2.

Tuesday's - I do laundry, write and work on Client 3+4.

Wednesday's - I do my trainings, meet with my biz manager and work on Client 5+6.

Thursday's - I order groceries, the cleaning humans come and I wrap up the week w/ Client 7+8.

Friday's - I frolic.

Saturday & Sunday - bag of tricks! 😉

By not planning my weekends, my brain gives me less resistance for having structure during the week. It's like focusing at school because you know summer vacay is coming, right? To create a rhythm for your week, first write out all that needs to happen, then place it in a day - keep mixing and matching til it feels safe + good.

Way Number Two to Create Space:

Find some time where you won't be using your telephone, computer, iPad, iPod... whatever you have! You can't be plugged in 24/7 - at some point you must plug into yourself + your source (God, Angels, Divine, Buddha - whomever.) I do not use my phone for a minimum of 30 minutes upon awakening, I simply lay there and process being a human. I also keep it in another room when I work.

Yours could be as simple as walking around the block without it.

Remember, the resistance coming up now is what we need to clear out of the way to give you a minimum of 5 minutes phone free a day.

Way Number Three to Create Space:

Fire people.

There's likely a client, friend, service provider, old thought pattern - something that's eating up your space. Whatever just popped in through your brain - that's it! What will you do to eliminate this, or let this go? It's time.

Which one was your fave? For now, Just try one of them and see what comes up.

Did you love this (even though I told you it's kinda all your fault) Awesome! You would be a great fit for my course from Overwhelm to Overflow, or my 1:1 "magic and momentum" package. Why don't you DM me on Instagram and we can chat? I'm really excited to hear what this brought up for you remember, when we know what to clear, we have nothing to fear.

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