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5 Reasons You Aren't Excited about Your 2022 Goals

Gabrielle Garrett
February 10, 2022
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Hi friend!

There are a few reasons I've found we don't make space for our goals, so I'd love to share them with you so you can identify what's in your way of being your most amazing, fun loving self.

First things first, let's take a moment to remember this version of you at one point is exactly, exactly where you wanted to be.

Now that we've decided this version of you has new plans, let's rejoice but that doesn't mean you aren't incredible as is.

Onto the show:

You May Not Be Achieving Because There is No Space

If you're over multitasking (nothing is getting done), or if you are answering every slack, e-mail and phone call like your life depends on it... you are kinda in a state of fight or flight, not in a state of create and digest, nah-what-i'm sayin?

So, if you're saying yes to everyone and their cat, how can you say yes to yourself?

Your Intention is Probably Fuzzy at Best

Is this even your goal? Or a goal someone else said would be good for you? If it isn't clear to you the benefits, you won't make time to achieve it.

So make sure this goal is THRILLING you and is an easy to see puzzle piece in your 5-10 year vision.

You May Have 2 Many Goalz

If you are writing in 10 planners, whiteboards and trying to get organized, it's likely you are trying to achieve more than humanly possible in the time you've set aside.

Ask yourself: Does this feel good? What would feel better?

Lastly, the time you've set aside isn't Poppin'

Once you've organized your brain, time and space (Watch the video above for support in that), you've got to be clear on when and where you'll achieve the goal, or work towards it. And, if you put aside 5am but you sleep til 7am... you and I both know that ain't happening.

And, we want to make sure your body feels safe hitting said goal.

If you are deeply afraid of who you'll become on the other side, procrastination is going to become your new bff. Let's make sure you feel safe becoming the new you by practicing embodying that reality now.

I'd love to have you if this resonates!

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