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A MadLibs Approach to Chasing Your Dream(s)

Gabrielle Garrett
July 8, 2019
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Let’s talk about your Story.

I’ve always been a fan of MadLibs, so let’s do a little exercise here to give you an inside scoop or idea into you are right now.

My name is ________________. 

Right now, I work ______________________________. 

My favorite thing about this position is _____________________________________. 

What frustrates me about this current role is _________________________________________. 

I really wish I could do more of ___________________________. 

If I had ________ amount of dollars, I would immediately, ______________________________________________.

If I decided to still work, my dream job is of course ________________________________. I’d also like to spend my time __________________________________________. 

If I could afford the following _____________, _____________, _______  - my life would be magically different. 

One thing I could do to get towards my dream of, _______________, is ______________. But, I’m afraid that, ___________________. And, ______________ might judge me.

Urgh, this is hard. I hope that I can eventually just ________________________.

Because the world really would benefit from me ___________________________.

I am starting to feel more optimsitic already. In fact, today I might even ______________________.

I’m so glad I took the time to do this silly MadLibs thing!

Before you wrap this up. Ask yourself: In your story, do you sound like a victim or someone who is about to kick ass?

We all have a superhero inside of us, and villains will try to distract us. Who will you choose this week?


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