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Today, I support incredible founders & products on their visibility and strategy, and help women design the lives and marketing plans (as well as calendars) of their dreams. 

I’m a journalist who covers some of the coolest humans on the planet.

Gabi Garrett is an award-winning journalist who has been published over 500 times,

Gabi's piece on Business Clarity was ranked Top 5 of 2020 by entrepreneur.com and read 400,000 times in the first week it was published.

Her articles have covered some of the biggest names in the business, from executives at Google, to Million Dollar Listing's Ryan Serhant, her name has become synonymous with success.

In 2021, Gabi closed Gabi Garrett Media to focus on new opportunities, after scaling to annualized revenue of 1 million and gaining a team of 11.

The first few years were rough...

18: Moved to Pensacola, didn't know a soul.⁣⁣

20: Fell in love with Chris.⁣⁣

22: Got a "Good" cube job. ⁣⁣

23: Got my first writing gig at Elite Daily. Began freelancing marketing work w/ my healer friends for trade.⁣⁣

24: Had serious health concerns due to stress of said cube job, became a wedding planner. A yoga teacher. A pilates teacher. A TRX teacher. An aerial yoga teacher. A barre teacher. ⁣⁣

25: Taught 6 classes a week. Had 7 by lines in the local paper, about 40 friends and worked 90 hours a week (minimum).⁣⁣

25.5: Moved to Alabama with Chris for his job. Did not get a job.⁣⁣

25.6: Panic.⁣⁣⁣⁣

25.7: Got my first real contract gig with Steelwood through Redsquare agency.⁣⁣

26: Made 5k a month freelancing, kept teaching yoga locally.⁣⁣

27: Thought I was moving back to Pcola. Quit teaching yoga in Bama.⁣⁣

27.5: Did not move back.⁣⁣

28: Built business to 6 figures.⁣⁣

28.5: Moved to Steelwood, the place where my first job was!!! Built publishing empire with partner.⁣⁣

29: Grew team to 9. Started writing for Entrepreneur, interviewed 15 humans, team wrote 28 books. ⁣⁣

29.5: Went out on my own from partnership. Interviewed 40 founders. Sponsored by Lilly Pulitzer, Draper James, Aerie. Working with GOOP, Heretic, Futurna Skin, Ilia Cosmetics, Partnering with the Female Lead, Rise UP For You, LeadHERShip Global. In talks of scaling company further. Scaled to annualized 7 figures revenue. Team of  5

30: Here with you! Making magic and showing you how I now live a sustainable, beautiful existence that is fully supported

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