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Airplane Mode, People

Gabrielle Garrett
March 28, 2018
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Have you ever felt like everyone is taking at you and you can't hear yourself think? Overwhelm kicks in and you just want to throw your phone in an ocean - preferably one with sharks, big teeth.
Like this dude:
Alas, if you wish to be away from the noise - BE! (Away from the noise)
A lot of what I teach is easier said than done, but in this case - it just takes willpower. It has been two years of being internal vs. external in the evenings and morning for me - and I've noticed a huge difference (RIGHT, EVERYONE!?!?).
Alls you need to do is turn your phone on airplane mode about an hour before you turn into bed - and keep it off for an hour when you wake up - allowing you time to meditate, eat, breathe and just stop scrolling around Instagram for what everyone is doing, leaving you feeling less than, annoyed - and having NO CLUE how you actually feel inside your body.
When we are disconnected from how we feel in our body - a lot of things happen:

  1. We aren't connected to our true purpose - what we really want and need
  2. We often mistake other's emotions for our own
  3. Stress and Anxiety rule the kingdom because we have not taken anytime to process who we are & how we feel

I hear you combating this simple idea with a few things - such as:
"What if something happens and I don't have my phone?"
"I can't turn my phone off my mom has a bad foot, she could fall."
"What if someone really needs me and they think I'm an asshole because I didn't answer them?"
To these, I hear you. And to test this theory, I kept my phone off for 48 HOURS! And, I work for about 20 people and teach at a few different places - and guess what, nada. It is incredibly scary to let go - but the world will go on without you, and when you return, it will seem brighter because you will be more mentally rested.
If you strongly feel you must have your phone on, ask yourself these two questions:

  1. Has anyone ever called you the hour before you went to bed and the hour when you woke up with an emergency?
  2. What would be so urgent that responding at 7am vs. 9pm or 6am would make a big difference?

If you have solid answers - then try the "Do Not Disturb" Option and keep your phone on silent as you try solitude as your new hobby.
Some things you'll likely experience when you turn the phone off:

  1. Unexperienced emotions - like sadness, irritation, fatigue - this is temporary and doesn't mean life is BETTER with the phone, it just means your body is doing it's thing now that your listening.
  2. More energy - once you've cut the crap and felt the residual emotions - you will find you have more energy and eventually actually feel the pep and desire to talk to other humans (Note: I said eventually)
  3. Freedom - learning people can be without you for a few hours and no one emails you saying HOW DARE YOU MEDIATATE AND EAT YOUR EGGS WITHOUT SCROLLING FACEBOOK!? is a great treasure.

Two years in -- I will say it has changed my life.
Turn your damn phone off and have some fun! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think & if you'll try my madness.


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