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An Empathetic Solution to Forgiveness

Gabrielle Garrett
April 10, 2019
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I've got a little empathy exploration exercise for you...

First, I want you to think about a situation that pissed you off, made you sad or made you want to light something on fire.

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Got it?

Remember, Forgiveness is for you.


Now, Imagine what the other person or group you're firey mad (or sad) at may have been thinking. (Also known as, not taking anything, anything at all, personally - so tough!)

This can be hard. Maybe this person sucks really bad. Maybe it's something HUGE. You do not need to be friends or lovely dovey or even talk to this person. But, if you can begin to I can understand him or her, even though I'm sure would have personally handled whatever situation has you grabbing your matches differently. Remember, we can’t always hold others to the same internal standards we hold.

You cannot expect patterns to miraculously heal in an unhealed relationship, with an unhealed person.

Lastly, see them as a kid. See what may have made them feel like they need to act like this. Be a compassionate witness.

And finally, Let it go. If you have to pick it up 100 more times before it really goes, that’s ok, just keep dropping it back down.

Acceptance is really what we're going for her. Forgiveness isn't for them, it's for you.

We have to drink too much, say too much, get our hearts broken and even kiss too many people to learn how to be our best selves.

Each time, we forgive ourselves and others we learn, dust ourselves off and we get up, stronger and ready to conquer the world, just like we came here to do.

Best of luck on your forgiveness journey. I hope this helps!


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