We all naturally create limits in our lives and these become “glass ceilings”, or “Upper Limits” that box us in, like a Barbie on the Wal-Mart shelf. Whether it’s a certain amount of money you feel good about in your bank account, a certain number of hours you allow yourself to be happy, the quality of sleep you’ll accept, or even the number of friends you have at one time.

I’d like you to take a moment to imagine trips to the store when you were little… in many of these adventures, you were likely, literally begging your Mom to buy you the 10th Barbie Doll to add to your collection, and you felt like she wasn’t paying you any attention as your heart was breaking because THIS Barbie had a brand new outfit!

I bet you can see that scene now! You, and your little hands desperately grabbing onto the Barbie box, dreaming of what your life would be like once this particular doll joined your extraordinary collection. The immediate grief you begin to feel when you believe she won’t be going home with you, and that she’ll be trapped inside of that box forever. 

Did you know you’re still doing this little dance with the Universe today?

Sometimes you want $100,000, instead of the Barbie, because you’re grown, and though you *want* the money, you’re whining about it, probably doing weird affirmations all the while you are thinking about the Universe like a Mom that *cannot be bothered* by you whining.

You think the Universe, God, Mama Earth and all the angels think nine Barbies are enough, so secretly you feel bad even asking for your tenth Barbie!

Am I right?

So, how do you ask for the money, the Barbie, the lover, the pay increase, the joy frequency you truly want without feeling like a bother, without feeling like you’re too much, or you should be happy with what you have?

You literally ask for that Barbie like you are the baddest CEO in the boardroom.

You say, “Mom, I’d like the Scooba Barbie and she’s the perfect compliment to my Ken. Ken actually prefers Brunettes. I promise I will play with her 20 minutes per day, which will give you time to do that workout VHS tape.” (Remember it’s like 1998 in my example.)

Suddenly, your 90s Mom turns around in the aisle and thinks, “Damn, look who finally showed up to the negotiation table.” She scoots up her high waisted jeans, and flannel top (because it’s 1998) and puts the Barbie in your grocery cart, next to the Dinosaur Egg oatmeal and Bugels, and other 1990s food.

Are you catching what I’m throwing down, girl?

You can have whatever you want. You just have to own your desires and ask for it with GUSTO.

So, what’s your Barbie today, friend?

  1. Just for fun, and just for today: Pick something you want that’s bigger than you usually ask for.
  2. Notice the thoughts that come up next as you’ve claimed your Barbie...
    • Is it too much?
    • Too hard?
    • Too much for you to have?
    • Bigger than what your family has?
    • Too soon for you to have it?
  3. Write down all the excuses you have, then cross them out in a pretty colored pen.

Here's an example:

This morning, I wrote down, “In my business, I’d like to make $10,500 today.”

To tell you the truth, I got to that exact number because our business bank accounts were getting low and I have $1,000 worth of cute Free People dresses in my cart. Those two things motivate my booty! We all have various Manifestation Motivators. Mine is usually, “Add to Cart.”

So, I had my goal. I had completed Step #1. Then, The Universe delivered - the Big U moves fast, we hopped on a client call and our Media client says he’d like a website.

Now, Step #2 started to unfold, I started acting like the previous version of the Barbie drama, you know the kid who whines in the aisle, I said to myself and outloud to the team variations of, “Ohhh, this client wants a website but that would be greedy! He already has a PR package, it can’t be that easy.”

The Universe/Wal-Mart Mom was glossing past me and my goal, likely frustrated I asked for big money then started acting small. I know better.

Then Voila! The Magic Shift occurred: I crossed out my thoughts (#3) and I suddenly snapped out of it and said, “Client, I can serve you with that website, and this $15,000 package is perfect for you.”

Bam! Shabam!!!! MLAMF!!!! He said YES!!

And, guess what? He was so happy to have my support. 

Let me know in the comments, or come over to Instagram to chat: what is your Barbie, and what did you learn from this?

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Calling all Cavemen and Cavewomen...

When's the last time you left your house?

It's 2020, so first off, I don't blame ya if it's been a minute, or a month. But let me tell you something a mentor told me once, "You can't hunt from the cave."

Now, let's discuss the Gabi spin... you absolutely cannot create from the cave.

You need to get out of your turtle shell of a house to be shocked out of your comfort zone, inspired to create and reminded that other humans live on this planet and need/want to play with you and your work.

But, it's scary!

I'm flying across the country right now and this morning I was so tempted to turtle up in my shell.

I almost bailed.

I almost stayed controlling my work in my comfort zone...

Can you relate?

When you think about traveling, leaving your house to go work from a park, or hell, going to the grocery store in person? What comes up for you?

What sensations appear in your body?
What stories do you share with your inner mean girl like gossip in the bathroom stall via 5th period break?

Now, I have an important question for you and the bully inside of you pushing you deep into your shell - is any of it true?

What do you risk by NOT moving forward, up and OUT?!

For me, it was a $12,000 reward for expanding past my fears today. When the voice in my head said, "Gab... just stay home, you'll be safer, you can work more and hangout with Chris. He'll be glad you stayed..." I weighed the odds, did a Brad Yates EFT Fear Tap video, and meditated into what I'd feel like out of my cave.

When I got to the airport (two hours past fear-ville), I checked my Voxer to realize I had been referred $12,000 worth of business.

The Universe rewards you expanding your comfort zones, turtles! You will be supported by leaving the cave to share your light.

It gets groovier, on the plane, I got a second book client and two women sat by me who wanted to be writers. God wanted me on these planes. Fear did not.

Who will win your heart today? Will you leap out scared?

Let me know...


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I write all day.

I write for famous dudes.

I write for healers.

I write for skincare brands.

I write copy for websites.

But, at the end of the day, when it's time to write in my voice... I often just go for the wine and pasta and push my own voice down.

Psychologically, you can imagine this sends a message that you are A) Not as important as your clients and B) Stifles your creativity... and C) derails your fitness goals as you increase your wine + pasta habit.

words then pasta friends.

It's so easy to push your dreams to the back of the list, but this September, I'm committed to writing in my voice, which, hey happens to be the best of the bunch - nah-what-I'm-sayin'?

So, here's how I suggest you make the time to shine:

1. Begin to Dream with your Coffee

If you've read my blog, you know my #1 rule is no phones in the AM. So grab your coffee, grab your pen and make an outline. Your brain is fresh because no clients have asked you to do shit, if they can't find you - they can't ask you. Prioritize your magic first, and you'll actually have more to share with the world as you've begun to stir the pot, or created the Scooby if you will.

2. Marinate on your outline

Go for a walk, get to work or go to yoga - start to dream on your outline. I've been known to literally leave yoga and get on my laptop, but I'm a gangster - so you do you, the notes app, a notebook - I'm not sure, quail pens?, but take your notes be they physical or mental.

3. Write in a notebook

Gel pens = Gold. Always write your first draft by hand. Always! Otherwise you're going to e-mail people, text people and your work deserves more. Have some sparkling water and take yourself on a hot date and write... unplugged.

4. Google Doc It Up

I always sleep on my written work, because by the time I type into my google doc in the morning my brain has reorganized it's thoughts and it's like a free editor. Once you've finished your google doc type - you can then publish to your website, external site, or LinkedIn. Here's how I do my content.

Most importantly, schedule this time and don't skip yourself. Your voice needs to be heard as much as anyone else's friend.

Be sure to give yourself a reward, they still sell Lisa Frank stickers on Amazon, just sayin'.


gabi garrett

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Today, I want to talk about is the amount of perfectionism and *TYPE A* life going on. There are a lot of people showing up really glossy and forcing productivity... and even as one of the most productive humans on the planet that feels hard, right? Because you're likely sitting in your house, like whether you run a business or not, you're in the HOME, which gives you time to think. So, I bet if you're anything like me, you have a giant list of things you'd like to do with this time. But with the crushing emotions of everyone around you, the level of energy you probably have to actually do those things on your list is quite low, right? 

Because you're an empathetic human, you probably want to be watching Netflix, et cetera due to the overwhelming amount to fear and low-level emotions circulating... despite the giant to-do list in your brain! Plus, we don't know how long this will last, so our brains have no DUE DATES. (EEK!)

And, despite your list, you likely get distracted or get lonely and you get on social media, where again, you feel the fear or the anxiousness.. it's a cycle. (We're all in it) Yet, also, the productivity party is also what's going on in the online sphere.

The productivity party is an influx of ads, an influx of let's F*cking get, it let's hustle, We can do this.

I actually caught myself saying last week, "If I'm going to be anything like everyone else, like I need to stay home for at least another week." And I work from home on the regular!

Let's acknowledge the pressure to be overly producing right now and what you can do about it. So whether you're a stay at home mom, an entrepreneur, an online persona, or just someone who feels like she should clean out her pantry, let's be gentle.

I would make a brain dump list if everything that's possible for you to accomplish while you're home, however long we're all home. And then I want you to divide it up into sections to like: mental health, relational health, work, health, home health, whatever makes sense to you. So you could just do like body, mind, spirit, anything that makes sense. Right? So then I want you to race each item on a scale of zero to fun. Okay? So like zero being like, I don't want to clean out the garage and five being like YES PLZ I love this activity!

You could leave me here for six months and I wouldn't clean out the garage, so that's a zero for me.

Once you've made your list, reorder it by 0's and 5's (5's up top!) and block an hour a day to work on this jazz.

When you're on social media, I want you to stop looking at the person next to you because we're all wired differently, if they're on the couch and you feel jealous, sit down. If they're putting out 17 courses and making $1 million supposedly, ask them to teach you if you're into that.

In summation, just wanted you guys to know if you wake up and you want to clean your garage, launch your course, put your planner out and sell like 17 programs.... do it, but you don't have to get online and tell everyone about it if you don't want to. Whatever you're doing, it's okay. If you want to be productive today and then tomorrow you want to break into someone's pool or create a margarita bar - so be it.


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Ok, if you only read one thing:

own it real housewives of beverly hills GIF

YOURS. not the PLANETS!!! (Who the hell put you in charge?) Instead of waking up and consuming scared texts, Facebook and mania... there are three questions you can ask yourself as you go through your day *in this order*:

1. What do I need to feel stable? (Meditation, Exercise, Journaling...?)

2. What can I do to help my family and friends? How are they coping? (Who can I check in with?)

real housewives reality tv s GIF

Getting off the phone with your sisters like ^^^

3. ((Once you feel stable in your own little world)) Then, show up online and ask, What does the world need of me?

rickey smiley wow GIF by TV One

^^^ When you see that one lady on Facebook at the nail salon.

Watch this video for more details:

I'm here for you, so please hit leave me a comment and let me know how you are!


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Okay, I know a lot of us are home right now due to the C-Virus, and that's not that weird for me, but things are just moving slower, for sure. I trust that as entrepreneurs, a lot of us have a lot of things up in the air, I created a really cool worksheet after my morning journaling practice.

This morning I was like, "Ah! so many people are being really slow to like close contracts or slow in general..."

So I started thinking, "Is there a pattern within me that makes people drag?"

Then, I started thinking of a dragon, like what's DRAGON you down? because I'm older than five. (See worksheet below), So I wrote out everything I felt like was dragging from like moving to contracts that are closing to pay off my debt to buying these skirts that I want. I asked myself, "Who is the dragon?"

And you think it would be the other people, right? You're like, Oh, we're not moving because of Chris's job or we're not moving because of this. And then you realize when you write all of the things down that you're not doing the things because if you, so it's pretty fascinating. For example, why was I dragging buying skirts? Well, because there was fear that like there wouldn't be money coming in! Or, why were the clients dragging? Well, they had fear about investing. And, That's also you, right? Because you have to assure your leads, or make them feel comfortable. So you're going to find that very interesting as you complete the fun worksheet below because a lot of us want to blame other people when things get slow, or even the actual virus, but we can take our power back.

I'm confident that when you do this worksheet, you're going to find that the dragon is you. Even things that come down to other people, like marriage. So like if you're in a relationship and you feel like the person is dragging on engagement, it will have you asking.... like, are you actually committed?

This is fascinating. It's very freeing. The problem is always us, even though we want to blame other people. So while you're home, I just wanted you to go through this, Like what projects are you DRAGON on? Everything from cleaning out your garage to like starting a side hustle. I know it's tempting to blame money or other people, but there really is no excuse. You're going to find that the dragon is you. If you do find it's other people in this exercise, I'd be curious to see if you can see how you could take control because it's a very victimized place to be in, to think nothing can change until other people move forward. 

So I hope this worksheet empowers you and that you enjoy it and I am super, super excited to see what you guys think and if you're enjoying these nineties pencils over panic worksheets, I hope you know that I'm creating a planner later in fall and I hope to have lots of great things that go with that. So enjoy, share with your friends if this was helpful and if there's anything I can do for you while you're at home from calling me to like making you your own worksheet, just let me know.

Love you!


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I'm going to take a wild guess. If you're reading this blog, that sales is your least favorite part of your business.

You're probably someone creative who feels like if she could just get clients in the door, she could do what she loved and never have to do the sales process again.

Am I right?! If you don't know, I'm Gabi Garrett, I'm a writer and I run a content strategy company with a bunch of wonderful women who have been exactly where you are. Feeling like "I just want people in the door. I just want people from my team to work with."

And that very feeling is why I created these seven steps of making sales a party, which I think you're gonna really love. So if you partied in high school like me, then you're going to be like, okay, this makes sense. If you didn't, just play along.

The first rule to making sales a party is to decide where the party is going to be. So your party (IE your business) is likely on Facebook, you probably have a website, maybe you have a tangible brick and mortar store. ..but, where do you have the most people? Let's decide now as you can't throw a party at 15 different places and you, so if your audience is partying on Instagram, let's just have this party on Instagram.

Step two, what are you going to serve? Just like at a party you would serve cocktails and appetizers, I want you to think of what can you do to serve your audience. So let's think of a few things we can offer them. Nobody likes just one food! So, are you going to serve a course? Are you going to serve a program? Are you going to serve one on one coaching? Are you a consultant? Do you have tangible products?

We want to have something for everyone, but we also don't have to make food for your vegan aunt. And she can bring her own food. ... We aren't trying to be everything to everyone.

So far, this example you might have written down: Party is on Instagram, I'm serving a course and a one-on-one offering. Cool.

The third step is to send invitations. It's okay if right now...you might have all of those things (A party and food) and be pissed because you don't have people in your audience yet. Have you actually invited anyone though??

I want you to send invites, meaning get people to your Instagram page, get people to your website. You can do that through guest blogging. And my team is wonderful at that. If you feel like writing is another thing, like sales, you don't enjoy.

Every guest blog you write, you say PS: This is where my party is. Yes, join me on Instagram. I share tips every day. Yes, on my website I write blogs like this all the time. You can do that through ads, too. You can do those multiple different ways.

Something fun I want you do in this stage is to invite the popular kids. If you can remember the hosting a party...wasn't it so much more fun with the cute guys? Can you think of a few entrepreneurs that would really incredibly influence your crew? If you can get a couple of cool kids into your party, then more kids are going to come, right?

"Hey Johnny, where's the party? Oh, I'm actually working with Gabi Garrett. Oh, does she have availability??"

Don't be afraid to reach out to a few of the popular kids.

Okay, let's move on to step number four. So number four is you're hosting the party and people are walking in the door. For example, I'm sitting at a table right now. There are four chairs. Something I was doing up until recently that really blocks us is...... I was holding space for people who weren't coming to the party. What I was doing was writing down all my leads and giving them space at my party and they weren't even here! Now, to give you a visual that's like hosting a party and someone walking in the door and you're like, I'm sorry the seats for Jan, but Jan is nowhere to be found, even if she promised you she was going to sign a contract. Jan isn't coming. So, whoever walks in the door let's pay attention to them and give them the chance to enjoy the celebrations!

We're not holding space for people who aren't paying us.....but we're also going to treat the first guest with the same amount of respect as the guests that just walked in the door. So, if one of the popular kids walks in the door, let's not ignore all the people who have been paying us.

If someone's being rude and taking up time from other guests (IE Clients), get them out too. We don't want to serve rude guests!

In the fifth step, we're partying like our client roster is 1999!

This is what's going on!!

We're going to waitlist at the door, now. There's going to be a bouncer at the door. We can't overflow, or our product would start to dilute. We can't serve more than the number of people at our table. (Whatever that client limit is for you, decide beforehand - IE mine is 6 clients.)

Even though we aren't taking more clients, We're still showing up online. We're still saying, "You know, we are, we're having this awesome party. Hopefully, you can get in one day. Here's some things you can do in the meantime.... (Passive Income plug)!"

And then lastly, once that's done, we've got to clean house. That means we've got to make sure our invoicing systems are working, everything is going well and that these guests are being served food on a continuous basis. This is time to really make sure that your admin processes are fulfilling your operation processes are filling. If you're outsourcing any of your work, ensure that's running well too.

LASTLY, the final step is to figure out the next time you're gonna throw the next party. If your client list is full, you might do this once a quarter. In the beginning, stages of your business, you might be hosting parties every week. However often you choose to throw a client party, may this process serve you.

If you want a PDF of these seven steps in an additional video of me breaking this down... Come join my party!!


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You might know that I'm an over-analyzer, and I'm really deep, so I'm sitting still one morning and I hop up, like "I'm really in the vibe to attract new content clients..."

And then my Inner Mean Girl takes over, making me say things like, "Hey...Why don't I have 10 clients? Why is everyone not here? What am I doing, the wrong business? Should I do a different business?"

This is something I do a lot. Can you relate? It's like you are all the sudden like WAIT, A SEC.. EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE DIFFERENT, NOW!

MANIC MANIFESTING as Gabby Bernstein would say, and then I have to tell myself, "Alright, calm down, and just keep going. You've got this." (I guess that's my inner coach!)

To give you an example of what I'm talking about, maybe you also have a side hustle or you just started teaching yoga and your inner mean girl / guy makes you say, "WTF, Why don't I have 60 people in my class or why isn't my crochet undies sold out on my Etsy page yet?" 

Short answer: Because no one *really* knows about you yet. (No offense) 

I've been writing freelance for two years. I have a fancy brand as of January, but I have not fully dove into helping other badass women up until recently because I've been working as a full-time person for realtors (hidden!).

It's so very easy to think because you don't have immediate results that you're in the wrong place. Especially if you're like me and you read a lot of books and the law of attraction or you just are impatient as hell, right?

You and your anti-coach are like, "Well, I'm doing the wrong thing, or I'd be rich already or I'm with the wrong person, or I'd be married already or I'm not going to the right workout class or I'd be skinny already."

You know one of those is you! Admit it... likely, whatever is most important to you right now, you're analytically deciding that it's not profitable, whether it's with your time or your monetary resources, et cetera, because you're not a sold-out success.

I want you to think of your favorite performer, or band, or famous entrepreneur and then I'll get to my point. 

For example, I saw Taylor Swift in Huntsville back in probably 2008, my mom got us tickets when she was just starting, and performed at the military arsenal (cool!) Taylor was so nervous and she kept playing with her hair and kept saying, "Oh my god, guys." It was cute. She was so nervous, and grateful.

Yet... if someone told Taylor Swift that day when I was 15 and she was probably 19, "Hey, Guess what? You're going to be the number one pop star in the world." 

How do you think she would have reacted? 

Maybe she would've been f***ing terrified, if so, she'd probably have got below the stage and started crying or she would've been pumped....not sure.

If someone came up to you right now and told you your five years from now future, you wouldn't be ready for it. (Truly)

So, are you willing to just go on this roller coaster ride AKA follow the zests, jolts, etc. into your cool future? Wait for your tribe?

We're both at the casual part of our ride, like Beyonce in Destiny's child or Justin Timberlake and NSYNC, or Taylor Swift in Huntsville.

So, are you willing to be on this low part of the ride and not know what's going to happen next? Are you willing to take the slow part and start to prepare for the eventual uptick? 

Because once you go up, you're not going to stop, okay? You know how roller coasters work. 

What can you do now in the calm before the storm to prepare yourself for the inevitable loop of your success?

Can you not change the channel? Can you stay where you are and can you chase this dream and can you trust that you can't just decide to be someone else every other minute and hope that will produce success? 

You've got to sit on this roller coaster and allow it to uptick naturally, your success is inevitable.

I hope this was helpful to you. If you don't know, I have a course, It's by donation, a book that's also by donation and a relatively inexpensive coaching call with me, so if you want to work with me this year before my uptick, let's go - more deets below!


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Get in your back to the future, clothes, Marty McFly - it's time to prance our way into 2021, 2025 and 2030 so we can meet your future selves and find out what's in store for you.

Feel free to read this blog first, then follow with this pre-recorded meditation / audio-exercise. (P.S. We can work together on this with 1:1 sessions if you're down.)

Image result for back to the future gif
If you do not understand this reference, please exit the blog and come back cool.

Before we head into our time travel G-Wagon, I need to cover some ground rules:

  1. You have to trust me. I have created a pretty fabulous existence a few times over - and I would love to share with you my tips and tricks to help you do the same.
  2. You have to eliminate distractions. In order for this to work, you need to close your other tabs, stop texting your Nana and actually pay attention. If you need to come back later, no biggie.
  3. You need to get out your scroll, notebook, gel pens - whatever.
Image result for kris kardashian g wagon
Ok, let's ride.

We'll start by warming up your imagination. I am praying it isn't too rusty for your inner child's sake, but if it is, that's ok. To begin, I want you to close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Imagine you are sweeping out any thoughts about that annoying Facebook comment, your current waistline, or your Chipotle in the fridge. Do that now.

Ah, now I want you to imagine a killer badass G-Wagon time travel machine and I am driving you.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sunglasses and closeup
Beep Beep!

Ok, you're in the car and we're about to take off into the future.

First stop: January 1, 2030.

We've flash-forwarded a DECADE! Take about 2-3 minutes to really imagine you've arrived at the doorstep of your future. (Remember there is an audio version of this blog you can use by clicking here.)

Once you've hung out in your 2030 image, Let's look around:

Now, write out EVERYTHING you can in your journal. Take as much time as you need, including details like what surprised you, what elated you... what energized you.

Image result for gif future self
Weird, right?

Say bye to 2030 you, I know she's sexy, but back in the G-Wagon, Jill-y.

Next stop, January 1, 2025.

Half-way to the 2030 version of you, you were likely working hard to make that dream a reality. Let's take a few minutes to visualize this you.

Again, journal about the 2025 version of you, leaving no detail unturned.

When you're ready, hop into the G-Wagon for our last stop.

Image result for gif future self

We've scooted to one year (ish) from today: It's January 1, 2021.

You know the drill.

Image result for gif g wagon
That was fun.

Great work, sister friend. Now, let's pull over on Saturn... nah, too hot, this planet will do. Before we get back to your real life, let's review your three years/spots and collect our notes. ( Don't forget: We can work together on this with 1:1 sessions if you're down.)

After comparing and contrasting all 3 stops, what are the predominant strengths you saw in your future self? What made you your most excited, brilliant version of you?

I'd like for you to pick one tangible item you saw in your visions: a stage, a book, or a house, perhaps.

Next, pick one feeling that your future self exuded: confidence, sexy vibes, glow... whatever comes to you.

Lastly, you have one question to answer:

What one thing could you do today to walk towards that tangible object, while feeling that feeling?

Ask yourself that question every single morning, and watch the magic unfold.

I hope this was fun for you! Please leave me a note in the comments on what this exercise unveiled for you.

With the utmost respect for 2019, 2020, 2025 and 2030's versions of you,

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This guest post is by Ele, our fabulous storyteller on team Gabi.

You already know that stories are the way to your ideal client’s heart, so you want to start crafting yours. Let's get to it. 


Sorry for the bitchslap right away, but lately I’ve seen SO many people do this in the wrong way. The story of your brand shouldn't be a ME ME ME story. Instead, you should focus on how your story can help others. It might seem weird at first, but focus on others when writing your own story.

Okay, now that we are clear on that. Let’s start!

Audience: You may think it’s obvious, but people blow off the importance of creating their ideal client’s avatar all the time. You need to include more than demographics because we are more than numbers or income. You need to give the avatar a name, identify their struggles, understand their feelings, and get inside their heads. Try to live their narrative. You need all of this because you will create a story that shows how they will overcome their problem with your help. It needs to be credible, so it’s not about your perspective but theirs. Give the solution inside a story, how are THEY going to do it, and how YOU can help them do it. 

Build their journey: Start by putting yourself in their shoes. What is the outcome your ideal client dreams of? Why would they invest in my offer? Remember that they care about their life, not yours, so how can YOU help them achieve their goal? Identify the steps they need to take to achieve it from where they are today. Use the hero’s journey to write the story. Show them how they can change their story, and provide the solution.

Humanize yourself: Have empathy. Be a guide, not a god! It’s all about empowering your audience not inflating your own ego. Sure, your success and accomplishments are important, but you need to talk about how they can help themselves instead of simply listing them out. Create a connection!

Start creating: Now use that story and make sure you are telling it in every piece of content you create. Take them through a journey from the first email they receive from you to the website they will land on. Always give value! It’s about what you can give not what you can gain.

Stay consistent: Storytelling is all about consistency, building a brand, and showing up. Always be cohesive. Don't tell people you can help them become vegan and then take a pic eating a burger (this actually happened to a famous Instagrammer!) Also, you can’t start appearing every day and disappear all of the sudden and then come back a few weeks later. Your audience needs to trust you before they hire you, and consistency is key to build a trusting relationship. Sales are achieved when the person believes in you and how your offer will give them a better future and the solution to their problems. 

So go ahead! Start putting your ideas on paper and start creating the powerful story your brand deserves. 

Here’s an extra tip: all you need to do in life is change the story you tell yourself and start living it!

Hope this helps! 


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