"I'm too creative for an alarm clock," you say as you roll out of bed, being dragged by the day instead of creating it!

I hear you.

And, I was like that too. Until I realized by letting myself go with the flow, continuously, I was creating a negative patterning that was signaling to my body I was stressed and therefore was not in a space to create new things.

In order to receive divine ideas and to move forward in creativity, you've got to create a safe space for your body and mind.

Notice right now: are your muscles tense? are you thinking about other people's perception, perhaps your last post on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn? are you reading this, or quickly scrolling it?

If you can't consume my content based on the speed of your brain: what makes you think you can slow down to create it?

We must sit in the space in order to decide how we want to decorate it. Note: I did not say fill it!

So, in order to organize your life in preparatory success for your Creative ventures, here's what I suggest:

The most important thing you can do is remember you aren't (likely) going to die this year. HEAR ME OUT... you have your whole precious life to create. So, get intricate with yourself and be simple, what are the 3 things you most want to create THIS month, trusting you have the next to continue your creation?

To your lessened overwhelm,

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Let's say someone decided to make you Macaroni and Cheese for a Potluck.

You gladly welcome them and the delicious, creamy dish into your home...

Then, the person begins screaming and yelling and terrorizing your guests!! They say, "Give me back my Pasta dish I brought!"

Even if people were eating on it, and half was left in the kitchen.

What would you do?!

We often analyze money to the Nth degree, but it soothes my brain to relate it to inanimate objects, as it truly is "just energy", but it's got so many layers on it, so much trauma and drama with it - we take it, and our clients too seriously.

Let's really dig in, grab your forks. Let's establish why refunds are like Mac and cheese.

  1. Money is exchanged for a service you provide.

2. If one person decides they hate your service (Also known as your party) - they may want to leave it and take their Mac and Cheese with them.

3. If you believe you will NEVER eat again and NO other dishes in your house will complement and you lose faith in your ability to cook noodles, you will panic.

Here's why it's ok though...

Whether you chose to gladly let the person leave with their (now, cold) Mac and cheese or tell them "tough cookies" - you aren't wrong.

Often, I hold the customer to their agreement just like we would hold someone to their commitment to making that Mac for the potluck in the first place!

Other times, I say, "Take your mac and cheese you, weirdo!" And the team rejoices.

My main point with the Mac and Cheese principle is this: You will be OK. You are worthy. Clients (can) be crazy.

Shifting your perspective to remembering your clients are a guest. A valued guest at YOUR party will help you regain you power and strength, as well as the respect your team needs from you.

When something funny happens with money, do your best to imagine a big plate of Mac and cheese and say: Does this still taste good? Or, does this make my tummy hurt? Will it make my team sick?

Who has better noodles? 😉 And, please, never question your work or your "Law of Attraction" luck because of someone else's shit-ass day, or taste!

I love you!

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I write all day.

I write for famous dudes.

I write for healers.

I write for skincare brands.

I write copy for websites.

But, at the end of the day, when it's time to write in my voice... I often just go for the wine and pasta and push my own voice down.

Psychologically, you can imagine this sends a message that you are A) Not as important as your clients and B) Stifles your creativity... and C) derails your fitness goals as you increase your wine + pasta habit.

words then pasta friends.

It's so easy to push your dreams to the back of the list, but this September, I'm committed to writing in my voice, which, hey happens to be the best of the bunch - nah-what-I'm-sayin'?

So, here's how I suggest you make the time to shine:

1. Begin to Dream with your Coffee

If you've read my blog, you know my #1 rule is no phones in the AM. So grab your coffee, grab your pen and make an outline. Your brain is fresh because no clients have asked you to do shit, if they can't find you - they can't ask you. Prioritize your magic first, and you'll actually have more to share with the world as you've begun to stir the pot, or created the Scooby if you will.

2. Marinate on your outline

Go for a walk, get to work or go to yoga - start to dream on your outline. I've been known to literally leave yoga and get on my laptop, but I'm a gangster - so you do you, the notes app, a notebook - I'm not sure, quail pens?, but take your notes be they physical or mental.

3. Write in a notebook

Gel pens = Gold. Always write your first draft by hand. Always! Otherwise you're going to e-mail people, text people and your work deserves more. Have some sparkling water and take yourself on a hot date and write... unplugged.

4. Google Doc It Up

I always sleep on my written work, because by the time I type into my google doc in the morning my brain has reorganized it's thoughts and it's like a free editor. Once you've finished your google doc type - you can then publish to your website, external site, or LinkedIn. Here's how I do my content.

Most importantly, schedule this time and don't skip yourself. Your voice needs to be heard as much as anyone else's friend.

Be sure to give yourself a reward, they still sell Lisa Frank stickers on Amazon, just sayin'.


gabi garrett

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Ok, if you only read one thing:

own it real housewives of beverly hills GIF

YOURS. not the PLANETS!!! (Who the hell put you in charge?) Instead of waking up and consuming scared texts, Facebook and mania... there are three questions you can ask yourself as you go through your day *in this order*:

1. What do I need to feel stable? (Meditation, Exercise, Journaling...?)

2. What can I do to help my family and friends? How are they coping? (Who can I check in with?)

real housewives reality tv s GIF

Getting off the phone with your sisters like ^^^

3. ((Once you feel stable in your own little world)) Then, show up online and ask, What does the world need of me?

rickey smiley wow GIF by TV One

^^^ When you see that one lady on Facebook at the nail salon.

Watch this video for more details:

I'm here for you, so please hit leave me a comment and let me know how you are!


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Okay, I know a lot of us are home right now due to the C-Virus, and that's not that weird for me, but things are just moving slower, for sure. I trust that as entrepreneurs, a lot of us have a lot of things up in the air, I created a really cool worksheet after my morning journaling practice.

This morning I was like, "Ah! so many people are being really slow to like close contracts or slow in general..."

So I started thinking, "Is there a pattern within me that makes people drag?"

Then, I started thinking of a dragon, like what's DRAGON you down? because I'm older than five. (See worksheet below), So I wrote out everything I felt like was dragging from like moving to contracts that are closing to pay off my debt to buying these skirts that I want. I asked myself, "Who is the dragon?"

And you think it would be the other people, right? You're like, Oh, we're not moving because of Chris's job or we're not moving because of this. And then you realize when you write all of the things down that you're not doing the things because if you, so it's pretty fascinating. For example, why was I dragging buying skirts? Well, because there was fear that like there wouldn't be money coming in! Or, why were the clients dragging? Well, they had fear about investing. And, That's also you, right? Because you have to assure your leads, or make them feel comfortable. So you're going to find that very interesting as you complete the fun worksheet below because a lot of us want to blame other people when things get slow, or even the actual virus, but we can take our power back.

I'm confident that when you do this worksheet, you're going to find that the dragon is you. Even things that come down to other people, like marriage. So like if you're in a relationship and you feel like the person is dragging on engagement, it will have you asking.... like, are you actually committed?

This is fascinating. It's very freeing. The problem is always us, even though we want to blame other people. So while you're home, I just wanted you to go through this, Like what projects are you DRAGON on? Everything from cleaning out your garage to like starting a side hustle. I know it's tempting to blame money or other people, but there really is no excuse. You're going to find that the dragon is you. If you do find it's other people in this exercise, I'd be curious to see if you can see how you could take control because it's a very victimized place to be in, to think nothing can change until other people move forward. 

So I hope this worksheet empowers you and that you enjoy it and I am super, super excited to see what you guys think and if you're enjoying these nineties pencils over panic worksheets, I hope you know that I'm creating a planner later in fall and I hope to have lots of great things that go with that. So enjoy, share with your friends if this was helpful and if there's anything I can do for you while you're at home from calling me to like making you your own worksheet, just let me know.

Love you!


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I'm going to take a wild guess. If you're reading this blog, that sales is your least favorite part of your business.

You're probably someone creative who feels like if she could just get clients in the door, she could do what she loved and never have to do the sales process again.

Am I right?! If you don't know, I'm Gabi Garrett, I'm a writer and I run a content strategy company with a bunch of wonderful women who have been exactly where you are. Feeling like "I just want people in the door. I just want people from my team to work with."

And that very feeling is why I created these seven steps of making sales a party, which I think you're gonna really love. So if you partied in high school like me, then you're going to be like, okay, this makes sense. If you didn't, just play along.

The first rule to making sales a party is to decide where the party is going to be. So your party (IE your business) is likely on Facebook, you probably have a website, maybe you have a tangible brick and mortar store. ..but, where do you have the most people? Let's decide now as you can't throw a party at 15 different places and you, so if your audience is partying on Instagram, let's just have this party on Instagram.

Step two, what are you going to serve? Just like at a party you would serve cocktails and appetizers, I want you to think of what can you do to serve your audience. So let's think of a few things we can offer them. Nobody likes just one food! So, are you going to serve a course? Are you going to serve a program? Are you going to serve one on one coaching? Are you a consultant? Do you have tangible products?

We want to have something for everyone, but we also don't have to make food for your vegan aunt. And she can bring her own food. ... We aren't trying to be everything to everyone.

So far, this example you might have written down: Party is on Instagram, I'm serving a course and a one-on-one offering. Cool.

The third step is to send invitations. It's okay if right now...you might have all of those things (A party and food) and be pissed because you don't have people in your audience yet. Have you actually invited anyone though??

I want you to send invites, meaning get people to your Instagram page, get people to your website. You can do that through guest blogging. And my team is wonderful at that. If you feel like writing is another thing, like sales, you don't enjoy.

Every guest blog you write, you say PS: This is where my party is. Yes, join me on Instagram. I share tips every day. Yes, on my website I write blogs like this all the time. You can do that through ads, too. You can do those multiple different ways.

Something fun I want you do in this stage is to invite the popular kids. If you can remember the hosting a party...wasn't it so much more fun with the cute guys? Can you think of a few entrepreneurs that would really incredibly influence your crew? If you can get a couple of cool kids into your party, then more kids are going to come, right?

"Hey Johnny, where's the party? Oh, I'm actually working with Gabi Garrett. Oh, does she have availability??"

Don't be afraid to reach out to a few of the popular kids.

Okay, let's move on to step number four. So number four is you're hosting the party and people are walking in the door. For example, I'm sitting at a table right now. There are four chairs. Something I was doing up until recently that really blocks us is...... I was holding space for people who weren't coming to the party. What I was doing was writing down all my leads and giving them space at my party and they weren't even here! Now, to give you a visual that's like hosting a party and someone walking in the door and you're like, I'm sorry the seats for Jan, but Jan is nowhere to be found, even if she promised you she was going to sign a contract. Jan isn't coming. So, whoever walks in the door let's pay attention to them and give them the chance to enjoy the celebrations!

We're not holding space for people who aren't paying us.....but we're also going to treat the first guest with the same amount of respect as the guests that just walked in the door. So, if one of the popular kids walks in the door, let's not ignore all the people who have been paying us.

If someone's being rude and taking up time from other guests (IE Clients), get them out too. We don't want to serve rude guests!

In the fifth step, we're partying like our client roster is 1999!

This is what's going on!!

We're going to waitlist at the door, now. There's going to be a bouncer at the door. We can't overflow, or our product would start to dilute. We can't serve more than the number of people at our table. (Whatever that client limit is for you, decide beforehand - IE mine is 6 clients.)

Even though we aren't taking more clients, We're still showing up online. We're still saying, "You know, we are, we're having this awesome party. Hopefully, you can get in one day. Here's some things you can do in the meantime.... (Passive Income plug)!"

And then lastly, once that's done, we've got to clean house. That means we've got to make sure our invoicing systems are working, everything is going well and that these guests are being served food on a continuous basis. This is time to really make sure that your admin processes are fulfilling your operation processes are filling. If you're outsourcing any of your work, ensure that's running well too.

LASTLY, the final step is to figure out the next time you're gonna throw the next party. If your client list is full, you might do this once a quarter. In the beginning, stages of your business, you might be hosting parties every week. However often you choose to throw a client party, may this process serve you.

If you want a PDF of these seven steps in an additional video of me breaking this down... Come join my party!!


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Welcome another fabulous woman here to share her magic, Guest Blogger, Ele Hutt, the GG team storytelling, brand expert! When Ele isn't working on our client's work, she doubles as super woman, as a leader in the healing space and as a working breakthrough coach, you know she is going to share wildly realistic and effective tips with us.

Yay, Ele Hutt!!

Most of us have been talking about writing a book for ages, but in our day to day, we never seem to find enough time do actually do it, am I right? 

Raise your hand if you get overwhelmed just by thinking to add something else to your calendar. 🙋🏼‍♀️ (Hey, we have blogs for that.)

No shame girl! We all have a crazy busy life (and bills to pay), so how are we supposed to clear out our schedule & block time to write?

Hear me out... I promise these tips can help you get at least 1 hour a day so you can start your book.

We spend most of our time either working, commuting or sleeping, and those hours are often non-negotiable. But what about the rest? The ones we spend cooking, doing the laundry, watching Netflix, using social media, shopping online or laying on the couch daydreaming about the millionaire life we should be living? Are you sure those are non-negotiable too?

Let’s get real!

The first tip to create more free time is to give yourself a break! And by that, I mean a social media break. Before you freak out, hear me out! Unlock your phone and swipe left. How many hours have you spent online today? 1, 2, 5 hours? It may be shocking at first, and this exercise is not to shame you or make you feel bad, it’s to create awareness. Are you sure you can’t use that same time to write the book you’ve always dreamt of writing? 

The second tip is to maximize your time whenever possible. How much time do you spend deciding what to eat every day? Or deciding what to wear every morning? Wouldn’t it be easier if it was already planned out? Why not spend some time on Sunday getting your outfits ready and cooking the meals for the entire week? That could clear some time in your schedule to focus on what you actually want to do, write the next bestseller the world is so desperately craving for! 😉

The third tip is to break it into smaller tasks, words instead of chapters or the whole book. It will become easier to find time if you set yourself an achievable daily goal. 500 words? 750 words? 1000 words a day? Whatever you feel comfortable with! I know you may have this belief that you have to rent a beach house and lock yourself there until you finish your book, but who said that’s the only way of actually finishing it? You don’t need a writers retreat to do it. 1000 words a day is better than no words a day don’t you think? Just start. 

The fourth tip is to become a time police. I know that there are some days that you only want to binge eat & watch the entire season of YOU, but you got to ask yourself, is this really going to take you closer to your dreams? Probably not! You have to be mindful of what you choose to give your time to, including friends, TV shows, podcasts, and any other distractors. Your story is worth sharing but no one but you can tell it, so it’s time to write it down girl! 

Last but not least, stop thinking about it like something else you’ve gotta do. You don’t actually “have to” do it, you WANT to do it, and that’s completely different. When you make writing your obligation, you unconsciously block all the creative juices & inspiration. Why? Because you take all the fun out of it! As a passionate human being, you should write your book because you feel inspired, not because you feel forced to do it. Double-check if the topic you chose inspires the hell out of you cause if it doesn’t, it’s probably not the right book idea. When you’re passionate about it, it becomes easy to want to write at least a word every single day! 

Now you know it girl, the answer to not having enough time, is about having the willingness to make the time!


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Guest Blogger, Meri, here to share her light!

Meritxell Garcia Roig, author of the Art of Empathy, and kickass Gabi Garrett team member has written us one of the most important messages this blog has seen in a while.... how to actually SIT and create the magic you know your pencil wants to create.

I woke up one day and I decided I wanted to write a book. Yes! A book, crazy, right?

Enthusiasm started running through my veins as I started to think about what would be the topic of my book, how would I organize the outline but something started to grow in the back of my mind: self-doubt.

I am sure you know the tone that the voice of self-doubt uses to talk to you and how critical it is. Listen to my critical voice for a second:

I catch my self-doubt voice running the show in the back of my mind but there is a stronger voice that wants to take the lead and says:

If I have learned something is that the voice of encouragement is the one I wanted to hear when I started to write my own book. 

I had no idea how to write a book because I had never written a book before but that was the beauty of it, everything was possible. I could build it up from the ground up with my own rules, learning, struggling, falling and getting up again.

Writing is for everyone who wants to write. You only need to have your unique vision of reality or create your own reality but whatever is the genre or the piece you produce it will be unique because you did it and you are like no one else. 

There is no one like you. No one can write like you do and this is the key for you to believe that no matter where you start the path the important thing is to start walking.

Writing is a path that regardless of where you start walking the importance lies in the pace, no matter how slow or fast you go, don't stop, don’t look back.

Writing is a skill we all have but what makes a writer a writer is perseverance. A writer is someone who never stopped writing and maybe that's why we idealize writers, artists or musicians, we believe there is a special place in heaven that is only for them. I used to believe that myself. 

No matter how loud the voice of self-doubt is you need to make the voice of encouragement your guidance. You can do anything you set yourself up to do if you persevere and you work from encouragement and not self-defeat.

If you have been wanting to write a book for the longest time now is the new later. Start today, set up five minutes each day to sit down and create the habit of writing. 

Believe me when I say if you write about something that it is in touch with your soul you will carve time out from nowhere to get this rush of having a time and a place to share a bit of you with others through words, through your experience, and through your creativity.

Be determined to get this piece of you out there that others can benefit from. Writing a book is no different than deciding to do a yoga course, learn something new, start taking piano lessons or decide to get into plant-based cooking. 

As anything new we are not familiar with fit and fear is the natural reaction. We want to run away from fear because it is uncomfortable and we have many reasons from our self-doubt voice that say: You are not enough, you can’t do it.

The trick though is to use this fear to propel you forward. We all have fears. The difference lies in how we use that fear to our advantage. 

What is the worst that can happen? That you write a book that won’t become a best seller? You will have written a book, this is the accomplishment. To walk through the path and give it all you have to give, learn and educate yourself, seek help, look for guidance, read other books of similar topics than yours, observe how others do it but above all Sit and Write.

If there is one thing I am certain about is that no book was finished by thinking about it. The difference between writers and those who want to write is that writers sit and write even when they don't feel like it, even when they don't know where it will take them, even when the result is not good but especially they write exactly when all the odds are against them. Because writing anytime is what makes you walk the path of writing your book. 

There is always something in you waiting to be written on a piece of paper and the only thing you have to do is show up. Sit and write. 


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Here I am, 5:05 PM on a Monday. I've reached the end of my 'allotted' working hours. Yet, as the one who created this rule... I'm prone to break it. So, I hop on Instagram for just 15 more minutes... I then realize my house is pretty clean, my boyfriend isn't available for another hour...so, I ask myself the question I ask almost every day around this time:

"To Work, or Not to Work?"

That's my question.

If you work from home or are passionate about work - you've likely had this same question cross your frontal lobe when you get 5-20 extra minutes. It's the sensation called, "real quick."

Let me just do my IG stories real quick. Let me just check in on Sandy real quick. Let me just do tomorrow's task real quick.

Image result for real quick gif
Before you know it, we're totally in super work mode. Which is awkward if you're at the grocery store.... or someone literally went to the bathroom at dinner.

Why do we default to working mode?

I have a few general ideas. For women, we are naturally people-pleasing. For all of us who are empathetic, we're also prone to be aware of other's emotional needs - meaning we think, "Gosh, Sam would be so happy if he had this right now." And, the cherry on top, for those of us entrepreneurs or passionate worker bees, we're also natural drivers.

Image result for what's the point gif

...Damn, so is this even worth exploring? Will we ever change?

I think we want to.

Or at least, we're willing to explore the possibility that there's life outside of work.

Here's my solution:

Step One: Identity what your work is.

List out what you did the past 3 days, then dive deep into if it feels or looks or acts like a work task.

Step Two: Make a dream list.

If you could do anything with your free 5 seconds-5 hours a week... what would you do?

Here's mine:

Step Three: Get deep on why you are workin' for the non-existent weekend.

I'm writing this to myself too... so, let's go slow - go to the coffee shop without your laptop. Practice not perfect, friend.

Image result for im free gif

Let me know in the comments the first action you'll take from this, plus, I'd love to hear if you enjoyed it. Share it with a pal and let's help each other gain space and mental clarity.


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Hi friends! We have a special guest blog today form Akua Nyame-Mensah (www.akuanm.com). Akua is an Executive Coach, Strategic Advisor and the founder of Alternatively, an ‘incubator’ and alternative solutions service for global-minded leaders. She has and continues to create containers of trust for leaders and their teams, to rise in confidence and thrive harmoniously, using alternative approaches (because let’s face it, the traditional hasn’t worked yet).

Let's hear what Akua has to say about her journey with Social Media:

With so many choices, it's no wonder this is a topic for conversation.

I’ve never been crazy about social media.  Other than rapidly consuming content, I’ve avoided posting for the most part.  I have come to love how social media can connect you to amazing people and have made many new friends, connections, and found clients through posting content.  I have also shifted my mindset to think of social media as one medium to touch base and learn about my ideal clients.

Here are three of my favorite tactics that have helped me develop relationships and engage with potential leads. 

These tips help me be consistent, even though I don't spend all my time on social.

Be super helpful.

I try to do more than just market on my posts.  My first thought is to provide information – inform and be thought-provoking.  I typically do this by sharing my experience and trying to show how I understand what my client might be going through.  Being able to empathize is key to establishing a relationship with a potential lead, client, or collaborator. When I’m posting anything, I always ask myself on behalf of the post viewer, ‘Why should they care?’

CTA is key. No, actually your intention is vital.  

Post success means different things to different people. Some people want likes and an increased following.  I want a bit of this, but most importantly I want to start a conversation. I want comments, I want people to send me DMs, and I want people to leave behind their email address so that they can get more information. Why? I use my social media posts to qualify potential clients and as a way to test my messaging and possible services and products.  Based on the response I get; I rework my copy and update my emails. Take a second to think through what you want from your posts and how you can make sure your content is helping you get there.

Give more than you think you should.

For the last few months, I have been putting a direct link on some of my posts to give people access to schedule a one-on-one session.  I make sure the days and times are specific, but for the most part, people can take advantage of me for no cost and without going through a lengthy application process.  When I first did this, I was sure that I would be bombarded with meeting requests. That was a false assumption. I am not sure where I picked up this particular tactic from but what happens is that the most interested and (usually close to ideal client types) get in touch.  Here is what I left on one of my most commented posts: “Interested in learning more about my thoughts on how to be more intentional and get the most from working with your team or direct reports? DM me or leave your email below and I will send you my presentation with notes.”  The email I send with the content always includes an invitation to sign up for a free 30 minute follow up conversation and a link to join my newsletter list.

Let me know if Akua's message was helpful or you in the comments, or if I can help you in any way. 


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