Fresh off my first *thought would be viral* TikTok, I sit here with a new discovery for you.

After a heart-felt message by me reached (at the time of this blog) 2,806 views, while the one's next to me soared to 150,000-1.2 million, I realized I am not immune to Impostor Syndrome. All day, I compared myself to other post's on the page, on what I assumed would be a joyus-also-get-famous-and-sell-1,000-passive-courses day... I felt immense shame, instead of continuous excitement.

I thought the Female Lead (organization who I partner with + TikTok above) may even take my post down, because I wasn't performing like everyone else...

All these thoughts from a crusader of confidence. How dare I!

Ok, well, first off, I'm a human!

Second, off, I have something extraordinary to share that birthed out of the little shame party I felt, as I bet ya 1,000 bucks - you've felt that too. The difference is when you partner with a big organization you can't *felt cute, might delete* later, cause you know, they're holding you to sharing your magic and they hold the delete button.

I know how exhausting social media is. In fact, I delete my accounts on the reg. My team runs my TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter + YouTube... I deleted Clubhouse and Facebook. Yet, it's currently so necessary to our business - so, what do I suggest you do?

First, quit running around your house with a giant message and going in every door every hour. Imagine you make a sale (YAY) - then you run in your office - yell about it, run in your kitchen - yell about it, then your spare room, back-porch, etc. That's what you do all day when you post on every channel, every day, every hour. OMG.

Second, use my analogy below to decide where you most feel at home, and put all your primary, heart-centered content THERE... then duplicate (or a hire a team) to duplicate your message on the other platforms.

I, now, fresh off my vulnerability hangover, present to you... the social networks as high school groups:

TikTok = Dance Club


Instagram = Popular Girls

Facebook = Teacher's Lounge


Twitter = Yearbook Club


YouTube = Film Club


SnapChat = Girls smoking cigarettes in the bathroom


LinkedIn= Honor Roll


Clubhouse = Assembly


Articles = Me, the kid sitting in the bathroom applying for colleges, awkwardly trying to GTFO of here.

I gotta know, in the comments below: which club are you a part of? And, where are you awkwardly trying to fit in, like me on TikTok, when everyone was like, "Um, wrong table, smart kid."

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Welcome another fabulous woman here to share her magic, Guest Blogger, Ele Hutt, the GG team storytelling, brand expert! When Ele isn't working on our client's work, she doubles as super woman, as a leader in the healing space and as a working breakthrough coach, you know she is going to share wildly realistic and effective tips with us.

Yay, Ele Hutt!!

Most of us have been talking about writing a book for ages, but in our day to day, we never seem to find enough time do actually do it, am I right? 

Raise your hand if you get overwhelmed just by thinking to add something else to your calendar. 🙋🏼‍♀️ (Hey, we have blogs for that.)

No shame girl! We all have a crazy busy life (and bills to pay), so how are we supposed to clear out our schedule & block time to write?

Hear me out... I promise these tips can help you get at least 1 hour a day so you can start your book.

We spend most of our time either working, commuting or sleeping, and those hours are often non-negotiable. But what about the rest? The ones we spend cooking, doing the laundry, watching Netflix, using social media, shopping online or laying on the couch daydreaming about the millionaire life we should be living? Are you sure those are non-negotiable too?

Let’s get real!

The first tip to create more free time is to give yourself a break! And by that, I mean a social media break. Before you freak out, hear me out! Unlock your phone and swipe left. How many hours have you spent online today? 1, 2, 5 hours? It may be shocking at first, and this exercise is not to shame you or make you feel bad, it’s to create awareness. Are you sure you can’t use that same time to write the book you’ve always dreamt of writing? 

The second tip is to maximize your time whenever possible. How much time do you spend deciding what to eat every day? Or deciding what to wear every morning? Wouldn’t it be easier if it was already planned out? Why not spend some time on Sunday getting your outfits ready and cooking the meals for the entire week? That could clear some time in your schedule to focus on what you actually want to do, write the next bestseller the world is so desperately craving for! 😉

The third tip is to break it into smaller tasks, words instead of chapters or the whole book. It will become easier to find time if you set yourself an achievable daily goal. 500 words? 750 words? 1000 words a day? Whatever you feel comfortable with! I know you may have this belief that you have to rent a beach house and lock yourself there until you finish your book, but who said that’s the only way of actually finishing it? You don’t need a writers retreat to do it. 1000 words a day is better than no words a day don’t you think? Just start. 

The fourth tip is to become a time police. I know that there are some days that you only want to binge eat & watch the entire season of YOU, but you got to ask yourself, is this really going to take you closer to your dreams? Probably not! You have to be mindful of what you choose to give your time to, including friends, TV shows, podcasts, and any other distractors. Your story is worth sharing but no one but you can tell it, so it’s time to write it down girl! 

Last but not least, stop thinking about it like something else you’ve gotta do. You don’t actually “have to” do it, you WANT to do it, and that’s completely different. When you make writing your obligation, you unconsciously block all the creative juices & inspiration. Why? Because you take all the fun out of it! As a passionate human being, you should write your book because you feel inspired, not because you feel forced to do it. Double-check if the topic you chose inspires the hell out of you cause if it doesn’t, it’s probably not the right book idea. When you’re passionate about it, it becomes easy to want to write at least a word every single day! 

Now you know it girl, the answer to not having enough time, is about having the willingness to make the time!


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Hi friends! We have a special guest blog today form Akua Nyame-Mensah ( Akua is an Executive Coach, Strategic Advisor and the founder of Alternatively, an ‘incubator’ and alternative solutions service for global-minded leaders. She has and continues to create containers of trust for leaders and their teams, to rise in confidence and thrive harmoniously, using alternative approaches (because let’s face it, the traditional hasn’t worked yet).

Let's hear what Akua has to say about her journey with Social Media:

With so many choices, it's no wonder this is a topic for conversation.

I’ve never been crazy about social media.  Other than rapidly consuming content, I’ve avoided posting for the most part.  I have come to love how social media can connect you to amazing people and have made many new friends, connections, and found clients through posting content.  I have also shifted my mindset to think of social media as one medium to touch base and learn about my ideal clients.

Here are three of my favorite tactics that have helped me develop relationships and engage with potential leads. 

These tips help me be consistent, even though I don't spend all my time on social.

Be super helpful.

I try to do more than just market on my posts.  My first thought is to provide information – inform and be thought-provoking.  I typically do this by sharing my experience and trying to show how I understand what my client might be going through.  Being able to empathize is key to establishing a relationship with a potential lead, client, or collaborator. When I’m posting anything, I always ask myself on behalf of the post viewer, ‘Why should they care?’

CTA is key. No, actually your intention is vital.  

Post success means different things to different people. Some people want likes and an increased following.  I want a bit of this, but most importantly I want to start a conversation. I want comments, I want people to send me DMs, and I want people to leave behind their email address so that they can get more information. Why? I use my social media posts to qualify potential clients and as a way to test my messaging and possible services and products.  Based on the response I get; I rework my copy and update my emails. Take a second to think through what you want from your posts and how you can make sure your content is helping you get there.

Give more than you think you should.

For the last few months, I have been putting a direct link on some of my posts to give people access to schedule a one-on-one session.  I make sure the days and times are specific, but for the most part, people can take advantage of me for no cost and without going through a lengthy application process.  When I first did this, I was sure that I would be bombarded with meeting requests. That was a false assumption. I am not sure where I picked up this particular tactic from but what happens is that the most interested and (usually close to ideal client types) get in touch.  Here is what I left on one of my most commented posts: “Interested in learning more about my thoughts on how to be more intentional and get the most from working with your team or direct reports? DM me or leave your email below and I will send you my presentation with notes.”  The email I send with the content always includes an invitation to sign up for a free 30 minute follow up conversation and a link to join my newsletter list.

Let me know if Akua's message was helpful or you in the comments, or if I can help you in any way. 


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