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Clients don't come through the Window (& Other Feng Shui Lessons)

Gabrielle Garrett
July 3, 2019

After I finish a yoga session at home, I often am not quite ready to work yet... leading me into one of my favorite classrooms: YouTube University.

I often stumble upon exactly what I'm looking for, which is part thanks to the Universe, part thanks to the algorithm.

Yesterday, I found Marie Diamond. I listened to her 45 minute MindValley talk with awe.

I had the same reaction as I did once in college when I found out my trashcan was in my Money Corner... my life made SO MUCH sense!

Diamond talked about her success corner and the exact things she called into her life - down to the specific fake Oscar awards that landed her some of her celebrity clients, but what really fascinated me were two of her key points:

The Position of your Office Desk

Diamond said that if your desk is facing a window or a wall, you are essentially closing yourself off to success - she even turned around to face away from the audience while speaking to make a point.

Ah, grasshopper!

I always felt jumpy and nervous at my previous desk position, which was facing a wall AND a window. (Oops!)

I mid-talk ran to my office and moved my desk to the center of the room. Ah...

As soon as I did:

  • A client called me back on an offer
  • I felt much more comfortable in my office
  • I actually launched an Opt-In I'd had sitting around since January


Nah, I was into it!! As I ran back to the living room to finalize Marie's talk, I heard my second favorite point:

The 33.3% Rule

Diamond explained the Law of Attraction actually works in a 3-fold way:

  • 33.3% of your luck comes from Heavenly Luck - meaning you are connecting with your God-given talent.
  • 33.3% of your luck comes from your positive thoughts, words and actions..
  • And, the last 33.3% comes from your EARTH luck, a.k.a your environment.

Though I'd been affirmati-ing it up, thinking better and taking action.. what I learned was my house was telling the Universe a different story. There was stuck energy everywhere, such as art I didn't love, fake plants and dark colors which did not match my current vibe.

We have been "moving" for over 8+ months, and I just totally gave up on making where we live now feel like home. I'm extremely grateful to have stumbled upon Marie's video as it reminded me... where I am NOW, matters. Even if I travel my heart off - the home I live in is still vibrating for me, and that counts.

As I decluttered away what no longer served me, I felt my zest for life come back ten-fold. Whether you believe in Feng Shui, the Law of Attraction, the power of Tidying up - etc. - I have to tell you... if it makes you feel alive, it works.

Now, I'm off to collect some clients!


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