Do it for Her.

Gabrielle Garrett
May 31, 2018
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The other day, I was sitting in my home office feeling irritated and just not "in it" - I looked outside on the dreary day and I had a big ah ha moment.
"Gabi!", I said to myself (Please use your own name here), "This is literally what you use to dream of, working from home - sipping tea, doing what you love at 2:30pm in the afternoon!"
Before I worked for myself (Now, 10 Months Strong!) I worked two 'real jobs', here I am at the last one:
At the time, I thought the career shift was what I needed to be happy - but truth be told I've always wanted the independence of freelance - evidence by never wanting to remain at work til 5pm (or 11pm) in those past lives, or taking a 10am pedicure break. (Erm, sorry.)
In fact, I read one of my old journal entries from my first year at my first, real job in 2010 and I said "I can't help but shake this isn't what I'm meant to do."
Hmmm, I suppose when you're young - or maybe you can relate to that same sensation today -- you ignore that inner voice and keep pressing on, thinking the next job, or the next promotion will make you happier.
So, in the days of my last 'real job' where 90 hour work weeks and lots of foot traffic were imperative as an Event Planner, or in the previous one where interpreting data and meetings ran the roost - I would have KILLED to teach yoga at 10:30am and write all day. In fact, I tried to do both and that led to a burnt out girl.
In the moments where I don't want to: I do it for her. The one who got me here, who  busted her ass, made the vision boards and created this life I get to live today.

Who will you do it for today?


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