For the Love of Work - Now Enrolling! Live Class on March 4th at 4:00pm

Vip Messaging Day

Spend 3-hours maximizing your Message. Walk away with space in your brain, clarity in your messaging and a whole lot of love for your work + your ideal customer in your heart. 
You already know you are the best person in your industry. And if not yet, you know you have the potential to climb (nah, prance) to the top really quickly.

But here’s the thing, your audience isn’t going to know you are the best of the best until you tell them. Let's show them what your genius really entails. 

You're probably doing this with social - And your words are so powerful - but we need an external publication to truly activate your audience's social proof trust in you. 

That’s exactly what we’re doing in the VIP day, we’re taking what you know  and we’re putting in an external source so new people can find you and your current audience can be activated.

We are creating extra trust with you so that they’ll purchase your offers, which is amazing... but more than anything, the magical thing we are doing together is combining our powers so that you can help all the people you’re meant to help.

And what could be more powerful than that?
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You have BIG things to share with the world, you know your offering/business/role changes the planet.
You need a friendly, badass leader to guide you to where you want to be so you can solve more problems, make more sales, and help more humans 
You don't have time to meet with someone weekly, or add a new member to your team
You need social proof for your upcoming book, mastermind or product
You want to go after more Press! You're ready to go BIG!


You invest $2997 ($1,000 off until spaces fill)
You get immediate access to How to Be Your Own Publicist - a 3 hour class you can take or give to your team, and a meditation on connecting to your ideal words for your customers 
You can select a 3-hour time window between now and the end of June, or two 1.5 hour windows. During the first 1.5 hours, we'll be identifying 30 story angles, writing your pitch and creating crystal clear clarity on what you do / how you make money + impact. On the second 1.5 hour, we will be drafting 3 articles (yep!) and showing you how to self-publish these pieces of content again and again.
Your life and business starts movin to the next level. Movinnnnn on up! Movin on up. You also get 30 full days of e-mail access to me and my team! (Hell yeah.)

Why you would choose GG as your guide:

She’s a space holder
A speaker.
A journalist.
A fearless leader.
An energetic badass.
And, she’s done all (I mean all) the writing things you’re dreaming about, including winning #5 best article out of 900,000+ on and interviewing over 120 founders and teaching yoga in prison, but that’s another story.
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you roll with the best, so why not hire the best?

I'm grateful to have worked, or wrote for the best in the world:
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What people are saying about
learning with Gabi:

  • First of all, I want to thank you for the writing class. I went from having a huge block around writing to feeling like it was actually a fun way to express myself! who the hell would have known...
    Juliet Lippman
  • Thank you for making this so simple, easy and fun for us.
    Cherilynn Castleman 
  • You are SO good!!
    Monica Pardoi

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