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Here's what happened when I turned my phone off for nearly a WEEK:

Gabrielle Garrett
May 22, 2018
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I decided to turn my phone off on my first "real" vacation (Meaning I wasn't writing, didn't have my laptop and no appointments scheduled). To prepare for this I reached out to everyone I worked with and my friends & family ... hell, I even sent out a newsletter. Guess you could say I'm not a fly by the seat of my pants kind of chicken. This all took place the week prior.
The week of vacation I put myself on house arrest Monday & Tuesday so my work would be done & I'd feel like "WOOHOO" upon leaving the driveway.
Monday: 1:45pm, I decided "Ok, let's do this." - Phone off. Felt good. Feels real 1990 to turn that baby off.
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Tuesday: I woke up with a head of steam to finish the entire to do list (Who ever really can finish the list? Secret: no one) I'm all "HOW AM I GOING TO FINISH THIS?!" I picked weeds, I walked, I cleaned, I packed and I finished a client project.... I got done: 12:00pm.
Oh, well, guess I didn't need to be quite so frantic. <--- I say this a lot.
I was BORED! For the first time in a long time - and even Southern Charm reruns just didn't seem to do the trick, but I was committed to no phone & no work the rest of the day - so I just kind of "hungout". My grandpa says when you're bored you are mentally rested so Hoo-rah to that.

adult beard black black and white

"You're well rested now, kiddo!" Note: That's not my real Papa & he doesn't say Kiddo.

Wednesday: We depart! I'm being such a nice co-pilot because I'm not utilizing this time to e-mail, catch up with friends or look up sketchy Mexican on the side of the road... I'm just talking & listening. Yeah, 1990s life! Then my subtle anxiety started creeping around, guess it could be withdrawals. You know that voice, "You should be....insert a million shit things here."
I feel balanced upon arrival though & excited to be at our location - we head out for a drink & snack and anxiety hits me like a ton of bricks.
Well, shit. This is suppose to be fun!
When you're Type A, a recovering anxiety human & work for yourself - I suppose a bit of uncomfy-ness is normal - plus I'd had my phone off for 48 hours - a 2018 record, so I went outside took a few deep breaths and I'm happy to say - I allowed myself to have a really nice time.
Proceed to cozy dinner date, patio chillin' - and an uncomfy night sleep because the air broke, but that's another story.

Ew, I wish I could tell you I frolicked around all morning - but I'm honest and I felt so bad. They say highly sensitive people have 3 bricks - (they meaning the people I googled when I turned my phone on this morning.)

  1. Sleep
  2. Exercise
  3. Food

I had lost all three bricks by eating vacation food, not sleeping due to the heat and not getting much exercise unless walking bar to restaurant counts. I felt yucky and mad at myself for not dancing with joy.
I took a time out and checked phone ^ hence research. Nothing too wild - just 28 emails, 48 texts... the norm. Here's the thing - nothing needed done. I felt reassured.
I decided to reach for the best feeling thought I could find which is that I'm on vacation - on a cool little island with my boyfriend and I'm going to have a good time. And, the research that I'm HSP & it's normal not to love being out of your routine at first, really helped - so maybe this will help you too.
I'm proud to report after that realization (determination) and 20 minutes of meditation... I did have a fab time!
I kept the phone in the drawer and checked it twice a day (<10 minutes total without much response to texts and none to email) and was able to enjoy myself.
Last day of vacation - having fun and feeling that sensation of "Oh, my shoulders aren't up by my ears.. I'm relaxed!"
With an influx of time sans technology or consistent communication, even social media checking you have a decent amount of time to check in with yourself and examine your life from an external point of view.
Though, I felt a little "yucky" - that's often feelings that can't come to surface with our consistent distractions coming out to play and upon returning I feel so much lighter.
I realized that I wasn't doing a lot of the two things I love the most: Yoga & Writing. Also, that I was prioritizing things as emergencies instead of going with the flow.
So here I am back... relaxed, flowing & writing!
I promise if you unplug a bit you'll find a cool realization too.
Here's to experimenting with the essence of being a human!


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