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How the Enneagram Test Can Help You Understand Yourself and Your Family this Holiday

Gabrielle Garrett
November 26, 2015
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This information came from, Leigh Kramer, is designed to help you to understand yourself and your family members in a greater way. Which will hopefully provide a more peaceful holiday (if family dynamics can be challenging), or simply provide fun table conversation.
As you take the test below, you'll identify with one over laying Enneagram number- 1 through 9.
Numbers 2,3 and 4 are associated with the heart. Numbers 5,6,7 are associated with fear. Finally, numbers 8,9 and 1 are associated with the gut.
As you read through the strengths and weaknesses of each number, you may identify which family member of yours is associated with each number, helping you to understand why they are the way they are at the Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner table. (Finally!)
1. Has a need to be perfect. Their weakness is they are disconnected from their anger, their gift is healing. A healing thought for one's is "maybe others aren't out to get me."
2. Needs to be needed. Their weakness is pride, their gift is humility. A healing thought for two's is "Maybe someone else can do this task. Maybe I can accept help."
3. Needs to succeed. Their weakness is Deceit, they are often Inauthentic because they don't express their true feelings. However, their strength is Honesty. They can help themselves by thinking, "maybe I don't have to be the best."
4. Needs to be special. Their weakness is envy, or comparison. Their gift is their emotional balance. A great thought for them is, "Maybe there is nothing wrong with me."
5. Needs to perceive, their weakness is greed, but their very objective. "Maybe I can trust people," is a good place for them to start.
6. Needs security. Their weakness is fear, but they also have a strength of courage, "Maybe this will work out after all," is a good place to start.
7. Avoids pain; Their weakness is Gluttony, of food or experiences, their strength is their joy. "Maybe I have enough." is their new mantra.
8. These people are against lust, they are innocent. "Maybe this person is truly relating to me," they could begin to think.
9. Needs to be grounded.. Lazy, but deceive. "Maybe I can make a difference," they could think.
Test yourself here- and maybe send to your family too:


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