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How to Define Your Upcoming Season

Gabrielle Garrett
June 15, 2022
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At the time I'm writing this, it's June 2022.

If you're reading this in real time and enjoying your June and realizing it's Summer, and there's fun things to do in the world… you may be wondering:

A) How do I also have fun like these humans / why am I not?

B) Do I always want to work this hard / how are they not?

C) WTF Would I do if I had time / Wish I had time for this?

If you're reading this anytime, this will apply to you, insert any feelings you may currently be having, a nd those thoughts. The above are thoughts that can come up when we are embarking on a new season. For me, this Summer season (I'm capitalizing summer cause it's actually my middle name - ha!) it's about ease. It's about realizing I probably won't need to go back to that ‘mogul’ place anytime soon, or ever.

It's about redefining success and allowing it to be easy.

So, once I realized what I wanted my Summer / potentially next few years to be about - I created space. (This would be your time to create your decision, or come back to this once you do, then create space.)

If my Summer / future is going to be about ease, flow and not being a “Mogul" (which I define as someone who wants to make lots of money and be very busy.)… then what would I need?

  1. Easy ways to make money
  2. No distractions that make me want to make lots of money / not write my book
  3. A new personality LOL jk - but really, I had defined myself through work for so long - this part was hardest!

(This would be your time to decide what you need.)

So, I decided if I write 2 ghostwritten books I can fund my existence til September. So, I found said humans. Funded summer.

Then, I realized if I kept this newsletter list, and my Instagram profile - I'd be tempted to act like a coach (I am not a coach. I love coaches.) and launch a lot. I'd have comparisitis and buy 1,000 things cause the internet makes you want to make money and buy things. Then, all your left with is a lot of debt and a vagina candle. (LOL, but really - see my article on the incredible Heretic Candle founder - google Vagina Candle Gabi Garrett. #lifegoals)

Alas… I will be off the grid writing my book: MOVE YOUR MESSAGE, this Summer and a few other lucky human's book.

I'm hoping my story gives you a permission slip to do what you want. You do not need a newsletter or an Instagram to make money. How could that be true? (Think about it, and figure out what you need to take away to give yourself something you desire for this season.)



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