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How to Design Every Aspect of Your Customer Experience (+ What's OK to Discuss Online)

Gabrielle Garrett
February 23, 2022
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I've been in business for almost 6 years, but I've been freelancing for more like 12. There have been many incredible humans I've worked under, alongside and learned from that have helped me tremendously - I'm hoping I can be one of those humans for you now.

There are a few principles I would consider adopting into your day to day life when it comes to your business:

Design every aspect of the experience

How does it feel when people pay you?

How much do they pay you?

What do they receive?

How long are they there?

Is there e-mail support? Voxer support?

How do they feel/ what do they accomplish by working with you?

Who do you work with?

Do they pay in full?

What if someone wants a refund, how do you handle it? Or, who handles it?

There are literally 1,000s of questions to ask yourself in every aspect of your business. Leave no stone unturned when designing the experience for your customers, your team and yourself.

Keep your discussion of money limited (especially to your family)

Why would a stranger on the internet need to know how much you make? Why would you need a Gucci bag to validate your existence? I cover this in the video above in depth, because I am a huge advocate for shopping, spending and making money... but, I think oversharing can limit you. I think your money and the amount you make is personal. I love Gucci. I love Lululemon. I love money. But, I no longer relate that to my online persona, I keep it quiet. I keep it consistent.

Create a consistent workflow for your customers

If your customer is confused, your cash flow is going to stop. I promise. Design programs and offers and experiences that leave your customer guided, not confused. Create regular check ins, design things that get results and make sure that it's an offer you enjoy so your customer does too. Designing the aspect of this experience will support you deeply.

All Hail Clarity

Honestly, friend, I spend about 1-2 hours a day just organizing my life. And, I deeply love it! I ask myself questions like, "Is X PR customer prepped for tomorrows call? If I was them what would make me feel extra prepared and supported?" It wasn't always like this, but now that I take a limited amount of customers, I work clarity, cash flow then communications every, single, day.

Remember, the business is yours. Destroy it and recreate it if necessary.

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