How to Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Success

Gabrielle Garrett
March 12, 2020
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Are you getting lost, or getting clues?

There are two ways to look at your business, like an exciting adventure, or a freakin' drag.

Which camp do you feel like you're in today?

No judgment, wherever you are - it's the perfect place to start following every action that happens to you as a clue, not a failure, and creating a happy trail that leads you much further than you ever could imagine.

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Let me give you an example, and I'm going to work backwards so you can see how magical business really can be if you're looking at each interaction as a clue, like the scarecrow, versus rejection like the wicked witch.

Today I got an email from Ryan Serhant's digital marketing manager saying, "Thanks Gabi, we'll pass for now, but are you going to be at Inman Conference this Summer? If so, we should meet."

I could have:

A) Cried and felt like I failed at my one shot to work with such a cool celebrity in my ideal client segment, badass dudes in real estate


B) Rejoiced that this dude wants to MEET me and act like I was already going to be there and set up a time.

I chose B.

I replied back, "Hey Kyle! Awesome. If you have a few minutes, please let me know how I can improve my work until we meet. I'll follow up a month before the event so we can set up a meeting time."

Then, I started following the Yellow Brick Road to Inman's conference page. This temporary delay in my work with Ryan was leading me to Inman: so, just like Dorthy meeting the Tinman: what was next to learn?

Hmmm, Inman had a few things that stood out:

  • I could be a contributing writer on their page. Amazing. I would have never known that otherwise, perfect for me to share my voice to my future clients, and write for my current clients on their page. Yay.
  • They were still hiring speakers for the July event, which meant my current clients could get on stage if I pitched them correctly, and I could set up a little mastermind of all the cool dudes while meeting Ryan's manager.
  • And lastly, there was a list of 300 influencers of Inman's contact. Hello, new leads list!

Yes, to this Yellow Brick road. Always think brighter and bolder.

So, how did I get in front of Ryan in the first place? As promised, I'm working backwards. Check out my Dorthy like journey...

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  • In 2012, I wrote on a big poster board while working in Cube Life that I wanted to be a freelance writer who taught yoga.
  • In 2017, My boyfriend and I moved to Alabama and after an interview with an Ad Agency was delayed, I asked them for a contract
  • I kept getting contracts, meaning my 2012 vision board dream came true! I was teaching yoga and freelance writing
  • I gained a client in the real estate world, who wanted to do a conference
  • I booked a ton of speakers for him and gained one as a client
  • This new client introduced me to one of his coachees, who also hosted an annual event
  • I began working for her and came to her event to manage her social media, meaning I got to be backstage, where Ryan Serhant was a speaker
  • While backstage, I met an AV dude named Doug, we hit it off and he decided to fly me to Dallas to meet his PR team
  • I'm in Dallas, working with Doug and said PR team, 5 months after the initial event where I met Ryan
  • As I'm realizing how cool the Yellow Brick road is, Kyle, Ryan's manager sends an email in response to a recent job post I applied for, asking for examples of my work

Wow! Now, could you business plan something like that?

Hell no.

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So, next time you're lost, confused or rejected by yet another proposal, ask yourself one question:

Where is this Yellow Brick road leading me next?


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