How to Get a Little Saner (Right Now)

Gabrielle Garrett
March 23, 2020
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Today, I want to talk about is the amount of perfectionism and *TYPE A* life going on. There are a lot of people showing up really glossy and forcing productivity... and even as one of the most productive humans on the planet that feels hard, right? Because you're likely sitting in your house, like whether you run a business or not, you're in the HOME, which gives you time to think. So, I bet if you're anything like me, you have a giant list of things you'd like to do with this time. But with the crushing emotions of everyone around you, the level of energy you probably have to actually do those things on your list is quite low, right? 

Because you're an empathetic human, you probably want to be watching Netflix, et cetera due to the overwhelming amount to fear and low-level emotions circulating... despite the giant to-do list in your brain! Plus, we don't know how long this will last, so our brains have no DUE DATES. (EEK!)

And, despite your list, you likely get distracted or get lonely and you get on social media, where again, you feel the fear or the anxiousness.. it's a cycle. (We're all in it) Yet, also, the productivity party is also what's going on in the online sphere.

The productivity party is an influx of ads, an influx of let's F*cking get, it let's hustle, We can do this.

I actually caught myself saying last week, "If I'm going to be anything like everyone else, like I need to stay home for at least another week." And I work from home on the regular!

Let's acknowledge the pressure to be overly producing right now and what you can do about it. So whether you're a stay at home mom, an entrepreneur, an online persona, or just someone who feels like she should clean out her pantry, let's be gentle.

I would make a brain dump list if everything that's possible for you to accomplish while you're home, however long we're all home. And then I want you to divide it up into sections to like: mental health, relational health, work, health, home health, whatever makes sense to you. So you could just do like body, mind, spirit, anything that makes sense. Right? So then I want you to race each item on a scale of zero to fun. Okay? So like zero being like, I don't want to clean out the garage and five being like YES PLZ I love this activity!

You could leave me here for six months and I wouldn't clean out the garage, so that's a zero for me.

Once you've made your list, reorder it by 0's and 5's (5's up top!) and block an hour a day to work on this jazz.

When you're on social media, I want you to stop looking at the person next to you because we're all wired differently, if they're on the couch and you feel jealous, sit down. If they're putting out 17 courses and making $1 million supposedly, ask them to teach you if you're into that.

In summation, just wanted you guys to know if you wake up and you want to clean your garage, launch your course, put your planner out and sell like 17 programs.... do it, but you don't have to get online and tell everyone about it if you don't want to. Whatever you're doing, it's okay. If you want to be productive today and then tomorrow you want to break into someone's pool or create a margarita bar - so be it.


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