How to Make Your Sales Process a Party

Gabrielle Garrett
February 15, 2020
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I'm going to take a wild guess. If you're reading this blog, that sales is your least favorite part of your business.

You're probably someone creative who feels like if she could just get clients in the door, she could do what she loved and never have to do the sales process again.

Am I right?! If you don't know, I'm Gabi Garrett, I'm a writer and I run a content strategy company with a bunch of wonderful women who have been exactly where you are. Feeling like "I just want people in the door. I just want people from my team to work with."

And that very feeling is why I created these seven steps of making sales a party, which I think you're gonna really love. So if you partied in high school like me, then you're going to be like, okay, this makes sense. If you didn't, just play along.

The first rule to making sales a party is to decide where the party is going to be. So your party (IE your business) is likely on Facebook, you probably have a website, maybe you have a tangible brick and mortar store. ..but, where do you have the most people? Let's decide now as you can't throw a party at 15 different places and you, so if your audience is partying on Instagram, let's just have this party on Instagram.

Step two, what are you going to serve? Just like at a party you would serve cocktails and appetizers, I want you to think of what can you do to serve your audience. So let's think of a few things we can offer them. Nobody likes just one food! So, are you going to serve a course? Are you going to serve a program? Are you going to serve one on one coaching? Are you a consultant? Do you have tangible products?

We want to have something for everyone, but we also don't have to make food for your vegan aunt. And she can bring her own food. ... We aren't trying to be everything to everyone.

So far, this example you might have written down: Party is on Instagram, I'm serving a course and a one-on-one offering. Cool.

The third step is to send invitations. It's okay if right might have all of those things (A party and food) and be pissed because you don't have people in your audience yet. Have you actually invited anyone though??

I want you to send invites, meaning get people to your Instagram page, get people to your website. You can do that through guest blogging. And my team is wonderful at that. If you feel like writing is another thing, like sales, you don't enjoy.

Every guest blog you write, you say PS: This is where my party is. Yes, join me on Instagram. I share tips every day. Yes, on my website I write blogs like this all the time. You can do that through ads, too. You can do those multiple different ways.

Something fun I want you do in this stage is to invite the popular kids. If you can remember the hosting a party...wasn't it so much more fun with the cute guys? Can you think of a few entrepreneurs that would really incredibly influence your crew? If you can get a couple of cool kids into your party, then more kids are going to come, right?

"Hey Johnny, where's the party? Oh, I'm actually working with Gabi Garrett. Oh, does she have availability??"

Don't be afraid to reach out to a few of the popular kids.

Okay, let's move on to step number four. So number four is you're hosting the party and people are walking in the door. For example, I'm sitting at a table right now. There are four chairs. Something I was doing up until recently that really blocks us is...... I was holding space for people who weren't coming to the party. What I was doing was writing down all my leads and giving them space at my party and they weren't even here! Now, to give you a visual that's like hosting a party and someone walking in the door and you're like, I'm sorry the seats for Jan, but Jan is nowhere to be found, even if she promised you she was going to sign a contract. Jan isn't coming. So, whoever walks in the door let's pay attention to them and give them the chance to enjoy the celebrations!

We're not holding space for people who aren't paying us.....but we're also going to treat the first guest with the same amount of respect as the guests that just walked in the door. So, if one of the popular kids walks in the door, let's not ignore all the people who have been paying us.

If someone's being rude and taking up time from other guests (IE Clients), get them out too. We don't want to serve rude guests!

In the fifth step, we're partying like our client roster is 1999!

This is what's going on!!

We're going to waitlist at the door, now. There's going to be a bouncer at the door. We can't overflow, or our product would start to dilute. We can't serve more than the number of people at our table. (Whatever that client limit is for you, decide beforehand - IE mine is 6 clients.)

Even though we aren't taking more clients, We're still showing up online. We're still saying, "You know, we are, we're having this awesome party. Hopefully, you can get in one day. Here's some things you can do in the meantime.... (Passive Income plug)!"

And then lastly, once that's done, we've got to clean house. That means we've got to make sure our invoicing systems are working, everything is going well and that these guests are being served food on a continuous basis. This is time to really make sure that your admin processes are fulfilling your operation processes are filling. If you're outsourcing any of your work, ensure that's running well too.

LASTLY, the final step is to figure out the next time you're gonna throw the next party. If your client list is full, you might do this once a quarter. In the beginning, stages of your business, you might be hosting parties every week. However often you choose to throw a client party, may this process serve you.

If you want a PDF of these seven steps in an additional video of me breaking this down... Come join my party!!


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