If your results are "medium", you're probably on the wrong medium.

Gabrielle Garrett
March 25, 2021
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Fresh off my first *thought would be viral* TikTok, I sit here with a new discovery for you.

After a heart-felt message by me reached (at the time of this blog) 2,806 views, while the one's next to me soared to 150,000-1.2 million, I realized I am not immune to Impostor Syndrome. All day, I compared myself to other post's on the page, on what I assumed would be a joyus-also-get-famous-and-sell-1,000-passive-courses day... I felt immense shame, instead of continuous excitement.

I thought the Female Lead (organization who I partner with + TikTok above) may even take my post down, because I wasn't performing like everyone else...

All these thoughts from a crusader of confidence. How dare I!

Ok, well, first off, I'm a human!

Second, off, I have something extraordinary to share that birthed out of the little shame party I felt, as I bet ya 1,000 bucks - you've felt that too. The difference is when you partner with a big organization you can't *felt cute, might delete* later, cause you know, they're holding you to sharing your magic and they hold the delete button.

I know how exhausting social media is. In fact, I delete my accounts on the reg. My team runs my TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter + YouTube... I deleted Clubhouse and Facebook. Yet, it's currently so necessary to our business - so, what do I suggest you do?

First, quit running around your house with a giant message and going in every door every hour. Imagine you make a sale (YAY) - then you run in your office - yell about it, run in your kitchen - yell about it, then your spare room, back-porch, etc. That's what you do all day when you post on every channel, every day, every hour. OMG.

Second, use my analogy below to decide where you most feel at home, and put all your primary, heart-centered content THERE... then duplicate (or a hire a team) to duplicate your message on the other platforms.

I, now, fresh off my vulnerability hangover, present to you... the social networks as high school groups:

TikTok = Dance Club

Instagram = Popular Girls

Facebook = Teacher's Lounge

Twitter = Yearbook Club

YouTube = Film Club

SnapChat = Girls smoking cigarettes in the bathroom

LinkedIn= Honor Roll

Clubhouse = Assembly

Articles = Me, the kid sitting in the bathroom applying for colleges, awkwardly trying to GTFO of here.

I gotta know, in the comments below: which club are you a part of? And, where are you awkwardly trying to fit in, like me on TikTok, when everyone was like, "Um, wrong table, smart kid."

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