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How Your 1990's self is Creating Upper Limits in Your Life Today

Gabrielle Garrett
April 14, 2021
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We all naturally create limits in our lives and these become “glass ceilings”, or “Upper Limits” that box us in, like a Barbie on the Wal-Mart shelf. Whether it’s a certain amount of money you feel good about in your bank account, a certain number of hours you allow yourself to be happy, the quality of sleep you’ll accept, or even the number of friends you have at one time.

I’d like you to take a moment to imagine trips to the store when you were little… in many of these adventures, you were likely, literally begging your Mom to buy you the 10th Barbie Doll to add to your collection, and you felt like she wasn’t paying you any attention as your heart was breaking because THIS Barbie had a brand new outfit!

I bet you can see that scene now! You, and your little hands desperately grabbing onto the Barbie box, dreaming of what your life would be like once this particular doll joined your extraordinary collection. The immediate grief you begin to feel when you believe she won’t be going home with you, and that she’ll be trapped inside of that box forever. 

Did you know you’re still doing this little dance with the Universe today?

Sometimes you want $100,000, instead of the Barbie, because you’re grown, and though you *want* the money, you’re whining about it, probably doing weird affirmations all the while you are thinking about the Universe like a Mom that *cannot be bothered* by you whining.

You think the Universe, God, Mama Earth and all the angels think nine Barbies are enough, so secretly you feel bad even asking for your tenth Barbie!

Am I right?

So, how do you ask for the money, the Barbie, the lover, the pay increase, the joy frequency you truly want without feeling like a bother, without feeling like you’re too much, or you should be happy with what you have?

You literally ask for that Barbie like you are the baddest CEO in the boardroom.

You say, “Mom, I’d like the Scooba Barbie and she’s the perfect compliment to my Ken. Ken actually prefers Brunettes. I promise I will play with her 20 minutes per day, which will give you time to do that workout VHS tape.” (Remember it’s like 1998 in my example.)

Suddenly, your 90s Mom turns around in the aisle and thinks, “Damn, look who finally showed up to the negotiation table.” She scoots up her high waisted jeans, and flannel top (because it’s 1998) and puts the Barbie in your grocery cart, next to the Dinosaur Egg oatmeal and Bugels, and other 1990s food.

Are you catching what I’m throwing down, girl?

You can have whatever you want. You just have to own your desires and ask for it with GUSTO.

So, what’s your Barbie today, friend?

  1. Just for fun, and just for today: Pick something you want that’s bigger than you usually ask for.
  2. Notice the thoughts that come up next as you’ve claimed your Barbie...
    • Is it too much?
    • Too hard?
    • Too much for you to have?
    • Bigger than what your family has?
    • Too soon for you to have it?
  3. Write down all the excuses you have, then cross them out in a pretty colored pen.

Here's an example:

This morning, I wrote down, “In my business, I’d like to make $10,500 today.”

To tell you the truth, I got to that exact number because our business bank accounts were getting low and I have $1,000 worth of cute Free People dresses in my cart. Those two things motivate my booty! We all have various Manifestation Motivators. Mine is usually, “Add to Cart.”

So, I had my goal. I had completed Step #1. Then, The Universe delivered - the Big U moves fast, we hopped on a client call and our Media client says he’d like a website.

Now, Step #2 started to unfold, I started acting like the previous version of the Barbie drama, you know the kid who whines in the aisle, I said to myself and outloud to the team variations of, “Ohhh, this client wants a website but that would be greedy! He already has a PR package, it can’t be that easy.”

The Universe/Wal-Mart Mom was glossing past me and my goal, likely frustrated I asked for big money then started acting small. I know better.

Then Voila! The Magic Shift occurred: I crossed out my thoughts (#3) and I suddenly snapped out of it and said, “Client, I can serve you with that website, and this $15,000 package is perfect for you.”

Bam! Shabam!!!! MLAMF!!!! He said YES!!

And, guess what? He was so happy to have my support. 

Let me know in the comments, or come over to Instagram to chat: what is your Barbie, and what did you learn from this?

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