Refunds are like Mac n' Cheese

Gabrielle Garrett
December 15, 2020
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Let's say someone decided to make you Macaroni and Cheese for a Potluck.

You gladly welcome them and the delicious, creamy dish into your home...

Then, the person begins screaming and yelling and terrorizing your guests!! They say, "Give me back my Pasta dish I brought!"

Even if people were eating on it, and half was left in the kitchen.

What would you do?!

We often analyze money to the Nth degree, but it soothes my brain to relate it to inanimate objects, as it truly is "just energy", but it's got so many layers on it, so much trauma and drama with it - we take it, and our clients too seriously.

Let's really dig in, grab your forks. Let's establish why refunds are like Mac and cheese.

  1. Money is exchanged for a service you provide.

2. If one person decides they hate your service (Also known as your party) - they may want to leave it and take their Mac and Cheese with them.

3. If you believe you will NEVER eat again and NO other dishes in your house will complement and you lose faith in your ability to cook noodles, you will panic.

Here's why it's ok though...

Whether you chose to gladly let the person leave with their (now, cold) Mac and cheese or tell them "tough cookies" - you aren't wrong.

Often, I hold the customer to their agreement just like we would hold someone to their commitment to making that Mac for the potluck in the first place!

Other times, I say, "Take your mac and cheese you, weirdo!" And the team rejoices.

My main point with the Mac and Cheese principle is this: You will be OK. You are worthy. Clients (can) be crazy.

Shifting your perspective to remembering your clients are a guest. A valued guest at YOUR party will help you regain you power and strength, as well as the respect your team needs from you.

When something funny happens with money, do your best to imagine a big plate of Mac and cheese and say: Does this still taste good? Or, does this make my tummy hurt? Will it make my team sick?

Who has better noodles? 😉 And, please, never question your work or your "Law of Attraction" luck because of someone else's shit-ass day, or taste!

I love you!

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