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February 1, 2015
8 Ways to Remain Mindful in the Workplace

The alarm goes off: 6:30am.“Do I really have to go to work again today?” You mutter as you hit snooze for the second time.Sometimes it can feel as if we are just getting through our day in order to enjoy the parts life our work affords, such as our after work dinners with friends, organic […]

October 15, 2015
5 Luxuries for Mental Health under $15

There are many ways we know of to increase our physical health, but our mental health sometimes gets ignored in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. Here are five luxuries you can provide yourself with to create daily routines to increase your mental wellbeing. 1. Sleeping Mask $5-10Ah, sleep. Our favorite past time. It's […]

October 16, 2015
Why is Millennial Readership Important to Publications Today?

Playboy magazine has decided to no longer feature nude women in an attempt at rebranding to attract Millennials. This may not seem like a big deal if you’ve never scoped out a Playboy or only seen your little brother with one, but the fact that the magazine who changed journalism is focused on our generation […]

October 18, 2015
Should you Quit Social Media for a Minute?

I have quit social media two times in my life: 1) when no one liked my status about playing beer pong in my pajamas, and I decided to do it on a dare 2) when I was going through a life coaching program, and I wanted to focus my energy toward my current efforts. The first time […]

October 20, 2015
How Flipping Upside Down Turned My Life Right Side Up

Anxiety is often a signal our bodies are sending us to slow down, regroup or make changes. It can come in the most uncomfortable waves, at unexpected times, whispering, nee, yelling “Listen to me. I’ve had enough.” What do we do with this feeling? Often, it’s covered up with alcohol or destructive behaviors. Sometimes, it’s […]

October 23, 2015
De-Grumpify Your Self

"I think it's very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person." -Oscar Wilde Is this you? Are you feeling annoyed by everyone and everything around you? Its probably because you haven't had anytime alone in a long time. "Oh yes I have," […]

October 29, 2015
Why We Should Trade Screen Time for Face Time More Often: 3 Major Benefits of Unplugging

You’re arriving at a red-light after leaving work, you’re fumbling in your pockets trying to grab your phone, you’ve been dreaming of this Margarita since 10 a.m. and you need your phone to update your status to let people know you’re at Cantina- Whatever. You arrive at Cantina-Whatever, your friends are all sitting down already- […]

November 19, 2015
A Planning Map to Pursue Your Passion without Quitting Your Day Job (Yet)

In today’s world, everywhere we look articles are appealing to our ego. Lately, it’s hard to avoid seeing people of all ages quitting their jobs to clean bathrooms in Barcelona. This type of image feeds our ego with the need to express itself in the thrill of quitting a corporate job, “sticking it to the […]

November 23, 2015
How to Throw an Epic Friendsgiving Party in 3 Steps

Thanksgiving isn’t exactly something people count down to all year, but it’s a part of the holiday family. It’s kind of like your cousin, whose sort of fun and you don’t think about him or her very much, but you’re always glad once they arrive. It’s the kick off to the holiday season which will […]

November 26, 2015
How the Enneagram Test Can Help You Understand Yourself and Your Family this Holiday

This information came from, Leigh Kramer, is designed to help you to understand yourself and your family members in a greater way. Which will hopefully provide a more peaceful holiday (if family dynamics can be challenging), or simply provide fun table conversation. As you take the test below, you'll identify with one over laying Enneagram […]

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