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Stop What You're Doing & Write Your To Do List With Me

Gabrielle Garrett
March 11, 2018
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Sometimes with the amount of varied work I do, I can get frazzled annoyed and wonder at the days conclusion, “What the hell did I do all day?”
Can you relate?
Gabrielle Bernstein recently posted just do FIVE things a day. Which, if you're like me you are saying, "I have WAY more than five things to do in a day!"
Trust me, you can't do more than five things effectively. Break down your big projects into pieces and couple your errands into one to do if possible.
I.E - Design Website - isn't one item.
It's 1. Research Design 2. Draft Web 3. Send Draft 4. Finalize Design 5. Send Invoice
I.E - Go to the store can be one item
Or, Run Errands: Store, Chop Veggies and Prep Food for Week can be one.
Here's what we're going to do - get out a pen and paper, gang:

  1. Write out everything you have to and want to do for the week.
  2. Divide your to do list into NEED to do's (In order of importance) & WANT to do's (In order of desire).
  3. Number your list 1, 2, 3...
  4. Divide into 5's - first five you'll do Monday.
  5. Next 5, Tuesday.
  6. Next 5.. Wednesday.
  7. If you get done early, move on to your "Nice to do's" - if you don't finish all five - move the unfinished items to the next day.

FOR YOU TO REMAIN FOCUSED AND SANE - Try to do one activity at a time, one browser at a time and breathe deep.
Let's stop multitasking, y'all! Try it and let me know how it goes!


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