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The Energetics of Handling Haters Online

Gabrielle Garrett
February 28, 2022
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Rejection is one of the biggest fears to success.

Many people think it's "fear of success" or Impostor Syndrome but the truth is you truly fear being rejected. At the core of all of the fears is that one fear: rejection.

And, this comes from caveman times! If you became too different than your little 10-15 person community in tribal times, you were literally left there to die.

So, as your DNA and cells advance and you become this human living in 2022... you get on the internet and try to become a part of a new community while fearing the deep loss of your old self and community.

Most of the time you are afraid of losing your family.

Those thoughts swirl around in manifestations of: I can't make more than my Dad, I can't show up like this or my sister will laugh at me, no-one gets what I do... (Think all the fears of a political Turkey Day Dinner.)

Sometimes, it's loss of the love of your life. And, that one is common because you don't want to leave them behind.

And, oddly enough, we often fear our friends from high school's opinions.

But what if all these humans were inspired by your rising?

What if when you went live on Instagram you were inspiring your little sister to start her biz?

Or, when your druggy high school friends saw your Entrepreneur article they put down the pipe?


What if your fears were meant to be overcome not for selfish reasons, but to be selfless in your service?

Breathe on that!

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