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What is Chillziety?

Gabrielle Garrett
June 21, 2022
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I was posting on TikTok yesterday, when I saw my fingers type #chillziety - when zero results came up, I realized I had created a brand new thing. So, of course, I googled it and confirmed this and I bought the domain and decided to write a blog so I'd forever be known as the first human who used this word. (Great business advice, BTW - jot that down!)

Ok, so what is it? What do you think of when you hear the (new - GG original word) CHILLZIETY?

Chillziety (V) the description of the feeling when you are attempting to relax but get bombarded by anxiety that you "should" be doing something. The feeling of being unsafe in a relaxed state.

Have you ever felt this way before?

Maybe you sat down to take a nap and immediately (so tired, though) got up and began working because you feared a client's response to a project?

Maybe you deleted your Instagram app to have fun with friends, only to explore it on Safari because you felt unsafe disconnecting.

Maybe you were going to spend an evening alone, but instead starting working...

If you have felt this, you may have CHILLZIETY.

Don't worry though, GG to the rescue. I'm going to be documenting myself as I do less and relax more, and teach my anxiety to chill (the cure to CHILLZIETY).

To begin your journey... here's some prompts to journal on tonight:

  1. What am I afraid will happen if I truly relaxed?
  2. How tired am I?
  3. Who am I afraid needs me?
  4. What would happen to them if I wasn't there?
  5. Are these thoughts, or ideas? Or truths?
  6. What would it feel like to relax for 5 minutes tomorrow?
  7. How will I do it?

I'm so excited to see what this journaling exercises prompts for you. Reach out to me after you do it, or leave me a comment below.

Until the next blog...


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