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What to Do In the In-between of Your Manifestations

Gabrielle Garrett
September 9, 2021
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"I want a new house!"

"I'd love a brand new wardrobe"

"I want to make money."

"I want that job."

"I need 7 more clients, PIF, tomorrow."

Do you sound like a grown (sexy) adult in the above phrases or a demanding toddler?

A toddler, you are.

What if you, for example, are craving a stable amount of income? And you ask the Universe (not in a parental way, as noted above) for the best route to your wishes?

That would look something like:

"I'm prepared to grow into a stable amount of income. A few ways I see that possible is by taking a 'real' job with a company I adore, I also am interested in retainer clients, programs and passive income. What would you suggest I do next to help make this happen?"

The Universe replies, "I'm behind you 100%, I'll be making sure you get to the right people, right job and I might even throw some magical checks in the mail for you. You can do this."

So, you begin the journey. But, it's taking more than five minutes so you return to toddler mode.

As you tap on your face you say, "I 'have' 15 clients.. blahblahblah"

And your brain says, "WTF is up with this B? No she don't."

The Universe stares at you and says, "What did you do towards your goals I am supporting you with today?"

To which, the now reformed toddler says, "Posted on Instagram. Gave up. Got in bed. Tried to fix myself so it would come to me."

When you're feeling overwhelmed, fearful and in deep 'need' of what you want to come to you, there are three things to remember:

  1. It is yours.
  2. You must walk in the direction of said thing, daily, in collaboration with the Universe.
  3. It's exciting that it's coming.

That's it.

That's all.



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