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Why Being Organized is a Catalyst to Your Creativity

Gabrielle Garrett
June 2, 2021
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"I'm too creative for an alarm clock," you say as you roll out of bed, being dragged by the day instead of creating it!

I hear you.

And, I was like that too. Until I realized by letting myself go with the flow, continuously, I was creating a negative patterning that was signaling to my body I was stressed and therefore was not in a space to create new things.

In order to receive divine ideas and to move forward in creativity, you've got to create a safe space for your body and mind.

Notice right now: are your muscles tense? are you thinking about other people's perception, perhaps your last post on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn? are you reading this, or quickly scrolling it?

If you can't consume my content based on the speed of your brain: what makes you think you can slow down to create it?

We must sit in the space in order to decide how we want to decorate it. Note: I did not say fill it!

So, in order to organize your life in preparatory success for your Creative ventures, here's what I suggest:

  • Design a Morning Routine that will create space for you. (I wrote a few pieces on this, check out this one for the Elephant Journal.) I notice when I wake up earlier, my stress levels are so much lower because I've spent the first 1-2 hours alone. My current morning routine is: Wake up at 6:15, Make my bed, Wash my face (Actually, I just spray Peak Scents Rose Mist on... but ya know.), then I sit on my new Higher Dose mat and journal about the day. I ask myself in my journal what I want to create that day, what's in my way, what's on my mind & what's in my schedule. Then, I connect to my 5 core desired feelings ~ embodied, electric, first class, sensual and wealthy. After that, I have coffee + check my phone, then I head on a walk with Eggo. But, you do you, I find it's helpful to see what others do, too.
  • When it's time to work, create 3 things that will move your business forward this month, but be unique in the tasks per day so you don't feel bossed around. For example, my 3 things for the "GG" brand are: a Forbes Women column, a Cosmopolitan magazine column + a store for my worksheets, which will eventually lead into my planner biz.
  • Do what you can to prepare for ease throughout your week. I pick out my outfits on Sunday for the entire week, then I also put workout clothes sets in a basket. It makes my process so much easier. There are great easy workout sets I love from Lilly - a skort versus a pair of shorts can really make you feel like a Queen on your morning walk, and start your day in a more feminine space.

The most important thing you can do is remember you aren't (likely) going to die this year. HEAR ME OUT... you have your whole precious life to create. So, get intricate with yourself and be simple, what are the 3 things you most want to create THIS month, trusting you have the next to continue your creation?

To your lessened overwhelm,

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