Why is Millennial Readership Important to Publications Today?

Gabrielle Garrett
October 16, 2015
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Playboy magazine has decided to no longer feature nude women in an attempt at rebranding to attract Millennials.
This may not seem like a big deal if you’ve never scoped out a Playboy or only seen your little brother with one, but the fact that the magazine who changed journalism is focused on our generation says something. Playboy and Hugh Heffner’s tactics changed the way we interview today, they are credited with bringing the Q&A format to the journalism world we know today.
Google defines a mil – len- nial as a person reaching young adulthood around the year 2000; a Generation year. Most of us (Millennials) are 18 to 33 right now. According to Pew Social trends, this is the average picture of our generation:
We are racially diverse, we are relatively unattached to politics and religion, very linked in by social media, burdened by debt, distrustful of people and we aren’t in a rush to get married. Though we aren’t politically attached, we vote heavily Democratic and have mostly liberal views. We don’t have an issue adapting to technology as we’re the only generation who has never had the challenge of doing so. We are a little self-absorbed, 55% of us post selfies on social media or have done so at least once and 81% of us hang out on Facebook.
How does this translate to the publication power houses of the world?
Politically: Since we are unattached, so that makes us a great candidate for any campaigns, especially democratic to capture our hearts and our votes.
Single forever: Since we are not in a rush to get married, we have the opportunity to spend more of our young adult lives traveling (advertising in publications) and purchasing items with disposable income otherwise spent on starting a family young like in previous generations (again, advertising).
No issue with technology: All of the gadgets, phones, and online article publications are right up our alley. There is no barrier on getting us to understand how to scan to finish our workout on page 3 in our Self magazines.
Self absorbed: Happy to read and learn how to be better versions of ourselves and read publications around this.
This combination is important to many publications today – they wish to capture the voice of the future. If they can capture us at our 20-something age, publications can have a costumer for life if managed appropriately.

Where are we reading?

Elite Daily is in the top 5 of Millennial readership, so you’re in good hands with 71% of us struggling to figure out adulthood together. BuzzFeed, Gawker, Complex, The New York Times are among our other favorite websites.These websites function in different ways and help us stay up to date on what’s current and relevant in our lives.

What are we reading?

Blogs. Links on Facebook to articles from these favorite blogs of ours and and electronic magazines. We rarely pick up a hardcopy print magazine, says Adweek (Source 4). It goes without saying that we read our news while scanning our go to sources and brushing our teeth as we aren’t exactly the sit on the porch with a newspaper and coffee type, though, we do like to be informed. This has caused weekly newsmagazines to lose half of their readers in the past 20 years and begin to charge for digital service of reading your local paper online, Adweek explains.
Playboy has caught on to us- we’re smart, on to the latest trends, digitally current and readily reading online and they’re tailoring their image to become relevant to us. That says something about our generation, Millienals, we’re changing the game.
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