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Why the Beverly Hills Hotel is the Only Place You Need to Be Thinking About for Your Next Trip

Gabrielle Garrett
May 10, 2022
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In life, you typically can't pay for access. I mean, unless you're a millionaire from birth - you've probably worked a bit to get in every room you've been in, right?

You can't walk into a corporation and say "Hey, I'm the shit - promote me, here's $50,000."

Why? You haven't learned the skills and energetic equivalent to lead at that level.

Most of the time the formula for advancing is:

  1. Put in the time
  2. Grow energetically
  3. Be invited

But, what happens when you just need to be in the opulent environment to advance? Energetically you are there already... so what do you do?

In this case, my friend, I have a weird solution. Go to the Beverly Hills Hotel.

This is the only place in the Universe where you can rent a hotel room and literally sit next to a celebrity at breakfast.

Isn't that worth a few thousand dollars? It's worth more!

Here's what happened to me that could not happen ANYWHERE else when I visited the Beverly Hills Hotel for the first time:

  • Someone "gave" me a beach condo

This is not a joke. I was sitting in the polo lounge and I was chatting it up with a man who was buying a real estate development 40 minutes from my house. I asked him if I could manage the transaction for him if I could have a unit. He said, "Yes, that seems fair."

While this hasn't panned out yet, that could not happen anywhere else in the Universe.

  • I had drinks next to the Kardashians

Where else in the world could you see a celebrity walking around, then sit next to several while you sip a glass of $45 dollar red wine? No where.

  • I sat at the pool next to 1,000s of potential clients

The whole idea of being in a new energetic frequency is you cannot meet celebrity, ideal, incredible humans doing incredible things on your computer. I wish you could, friend, but you have to jump out of your home and get poolside with the humans you want to be. (Or be working with).

  • A post celebrity gave me a facial

As I'm relaxing at the spa (highly recommend!) the woman who gave me a facial kindly let me know she was a childhood celebrity. What!

So, when your life is asking you to up level: why not go to the only place you can actually access? The hotel is portal of possibility (obviously, per examples above.) It's been a landmark for over 100 years and it's been the birthplace of business deals, discoveries, casting... it's designed for creativity, it's designed to create stars.

Aren't you worthy of diving into the star studded world?

Book your trip.


Portal yourself into your new possibilities.

I'll meet you there!



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