Is this our moment to make the world better together?!

you in a few months after we're finished with our world domination 

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Working with me 1:1 can look like:

  • Redesigning your whole life (I literally excel at calendars and big leaps!)
  • Working on a writing project in detail, including your messaging + press
  • Coaching you to your next level
  • Sharing my idea-marketing-genius brain with you!
  • Helping you start a second career
  • Cheerleading you on to your abundance
  • Creating your offers, writing your sales page copy + designing your backend biz
  • Writing your website copy
  • Overseeing your social strategy

Alas, this is for the human who is ready for greatness and needs a sounding board, a life-designer, a fabulous rent-a-partner to excel. Keep scrolling to make it official:

Let's see if we are a match!

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